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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

South Dakota Trip

With the possibility of going full time, I'll be trying it slow at first but not sure where I'll end up.  
I ran over, 2-day drive, to Sioux City/Madison, South Dakota to do all the paper work to transfer Driver's License, Truck Registration and mailing address.  Took about half a day and then back.

Left Sunday, Tue did the paperwork, home on Thursday.  Big mistake by staying in the Motel 6. The one in Bozeman has been remodeled and looks nice but sounds travel up and down the corridors along with Head Board Pounding, luckily only lasted for about 2 min, heheh, typical I guess, but the noise level didn't allow for much sleep.  I vowed to never stay in a "6" again from last time, but time erodes the bad things in life.  Did a Super 8 on return and while expensive, was much better.  Although I note that the "8" never seem to have the room layout right with plugs etc.   Sigh...
The "6" in Sioux Falls was terrible and like a day care facility, screaming kids to 11pm...  so no more..

I plan on eventually moving to La Pine, Oregon area but can’t sell my condo as it’s a VA loan underwater in value.   Once I can sell it, I’ll move.

Meanwhile I plan on Roaming around the US in the Truck camper for 90% of the time.  I need an inexpensive Mail Forwarding service that handles “Full Timers”
(Full Timers = live out of their “Rigs”  100% of the time and have no ‘Stick built’ home.  Typically those big Ole Land Cruisers 
Their rig is their home.  For Govt purposes, they want you to have a steady mailing/resident address even if you’re never there.

When I get the camper, I plan on Roaming and needed to set this up.
It is like I was moving to the state in that I have  a SD driver’s license, Truck plates and Permanent Address.  I also has some tax advantages, not really clear how that will affect me,  but it’s better than WA.

I went to the “” to set it up.
Part of “Registering to the State” requires an overnight stay receipt, permanent SD address (here) and Driver’s license/registration…

So that’s what I did.

Seattle Condo is now my “Vacation”? home.. heheh, I dunno, I just want to get going on this…