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Friday, February 15, 2013

Yellowstone - Winter Photo Tour

Did a fun trip over to Yellowstone with my bro, Robin from Missoula, MT, World Famous Photog IMNSHO heheh, and a group from there.  Not camping, moteling.

12 hr drive, left Seattle at noon, big mistake, ended up in Twin Falls, ID and then in the next day.  Drive home was straight through from North Entrance to Seattle, almost snow, but just beat the storm, luckily.

0700am departures, snow cat rented, can stop anytime at any place.
Great tour guides, lots of people running around on snow mobiles, looks like fun and some X-Country Skiing.

"Animules" were out, hard to adjust to the "Big Ole Bisons" just parking in the roadTechnique is to keep moving, 1mph or it'll be a 3-hr parking lot
I got caught once, LOL... and like a dumb tourist, stopped.. 

Weather was great, no snow, no wind, no blizzard so that means it's gotta be good.
Worst weather was coming back into Seattle, Rain...   

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Dog Sledding - Leavenworth

I've Always wanted to do this, so finally did.  Will do it again in Alaska, but this satisfied the urge and was fun.  These dogs "Love" to pull... biggest problem???  Holding them back, the biggest problem

Stayed at the KOA in Leavenworth, stayed there last time, close to town, power and is open.  Minimal, just took chair and small beer chest.  Got there later, hooked up computer in their WiFi and tried the Sprint phone dongle that I originally had, no signal, then did the Verizon “hot spot” from my phone and that worked, so Verizon it is..

Packed it all up and headed for dinner in town.

Talk about “Happy Drinks” Yikes… heheh a Martoonie with Pumpkin, Yeagar?, Schnapps or some 3 liquor combo, just to start, beer with meal and the “Face Plant”  151 Rum, Schnapps and coco…  and will keep that recipe, it’s a “Warmer Upper”..

Took the town photos, back to camp, no beer as needed to get up in the morning…


C-c-c-c-cold.. 18F, just ate some cheese sticks and Slimfast and headed out.  Got a little lost on a one road canyon and new GPS isn’t what it should be.

Got to the dog sledding place, it’s got to be a way of life for them, people, not the dogs.  Dogs, Alaskan Malumet? Were there just howling none stop.. They really know how to have fun, just full of energy.  Had to “Anchor” them down or they’d take off.

Got off and running and tipped over on first bend, dogs went around, but like a big semi-Truck trailer going around a tight corner sled tipped over, dogs of course kept going for about 30’…heheh.. Guide told me to expect it, might happen, so no harm done, but fun..

Then off and running up the hill, along the trails.  New trail for the dogs so a lot of stops & Starts, sniffing around.  Dogs are pretty much like cats going off in different directions, but once they settle down, they go.  The biggest problem for the “Musher” is to get them to stop..  They just wanna go…

Fun trip, worth it, might do it again, would recommend it.

Just went back to camp, hooked up and came home… nice get-a-way, not really camping, too cold, so just taking Le Droppe for sleeping…
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