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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bon Voyage Le Droppe - New Home

Ok, so another Chapter in the ‘WTF is he doing now’, closes.
The Sun has set upon “Le Droppe” as I was able to find her a new home.

I am now feeling how the “Empty Nestors” feel as an “Empty Garage-or”, the garage is now empty and it’s sorta weird.  Nothing to do, nowhere to go.   Temporary, rest assured.

As the Sun Set upon “Le Droppe” it rises, albeit early, on a new chapter for ORV Camping and Riding.

Next stop, “The Beast” (truck) in July/Sept… with luck…

Good by My Lady, and thank you for some true adventures…

I tried to send her off with the "3 Essentials for camping" 
1. Campfire (starter brick, too old to rub sticks together)
2. Cast Iron pan (see handle sticking out)
3. A Wee Bit'O Bubbly to sit around the campfire...

Monday, March 16, 2015

Prineville, OR and 'Le Droppe's" last trip together.

This was a bitter sweet trip in that it was “Le Droppe”, my ‘08 Camp Inn 550 Tear Drop, last trip together.  Luv’d this TD, it’s so easy and practical to use.  But have to make way for the next level, Truck/camper rig.

Anyway, tripp’n down to Prineville for several reasons.

-  Attend and Off-Road (ORV) mapping/track waypoints class sponsored by the US Forest Service in Oregon.  ORV Friendly and supportive. Central Oregon SXS

-  Check out moving to the Bend area, not sure exactly where yet, but apx 2yrs down the line.  Looking at a Land/Cabin package, but 5+ acres with a Mfg home will work.  It’s not like I’m go to live in it for the next 20+ yrs.

The Prineville Reservoir is a great place to camp if not crowded.  It’s about 30 min back into Prineville.  Wind can pickup if on the camping bluff, I was in C-19.  Spaces are close so summer time might be pushing the quiet level.  Good if you have a group going..

A good trip, cut a little short due to a storm coming in, rain & wind, not fun when working together.  Was going to drive the John Day area, Hwy 19 through the Fossil beds, but got pressed for time due to weather.. Next time..

Putting ‘Le Droppe’ on the market this week or so, getting it detailed out first.
S'long my good friend...

Bitter Sweet Fun .

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Truck Decision - finally

Ok, after many angonizing "Back n Forths" and pestering the hell out of a few people, I've finally decided on the truck

2015 RAM 5500 Diesel Dually Tradesman Cab/Chassis
9'6"Long Flat bed,  4x4,, Dual Alt 440amps, Front bumper/Winch

Why a 5500? you ask?

Short answer is I simply got tired of going back and forth 3500/4500/3500/4500 and said to hell with it, let's do the 5500 and be done with it. And now we are.  While it's a bit "Over Kill" that's ok as it's much worse Swaying/Sagging/Slugging up a hill and wishing I had gone to the next level.  Been there, done that.  Done!!! just waiting till late Summer for ordering/delivery or on lot. (sorta like below)

Now that the Truck part is out of the way, I'm still going Knutts in wanting to get out there and start "Roaming" again.  Soooooo... with that in mind.... next step is???

Prepping and selling "Le Droppe" (Tear Drop Trailer - TD).  I have one more trip to Oregon and once back, will look for a "Detailer" to get it all spiffed up without the decals and put it on the market.
Due to the quality of the Camp Inns, it shouldn't take long, a few weeks if that.  But how am I going to Camp?? you ask?  (mann you ask a lotta questions for a reader)
Well, motels for trips until I get the Arctic Fox 990 camper hopefully first of next year.  Maybe a tent, but thinking those days are gone.  Wanna buy a good tent?

When the TD sells, I'll be able to get  the Truck, aka 'The Beast', in Summer followed by a new 2016 Polaris ACE.  Then I'll be back, sorta, to riding again and being able to get out there, motel camping if necessary.

This is good news for me as I was thinking all this to happen by end of year.  Now able to move up by 6 months.

So, there we have it  

Ps. Note the Blog name changed to "Roam'n ROG"  
ROG for either "Retired Old Geezer" or ".... Goat"... take your pick.

Truck Camper Mag - Angela White & Spouse

Fun eh?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Yah, I know, I know, it's been awhile since last decade's post but going to get better this coming year.

So as of 3/5/2015:

I'm resetting back to square one.  
Decided to let "Nellie" (Polaris RZR XP1000k) go and take the pymts made on that toward a bigger truck.  

I made the mistake of jumping into 'Buggies' thinking I could 'Just Tent Camp'... 
I hate tent camping.  

Since I couldn't tow both Nellie and Le Droppe (Tear Drop) at the same time, what to do, what to do..

Solution:  Restart back to square one.
Step 1 - Get a bigger truck.

So, 2015 game-plan, hopefully productive by end of year and progressing after that, is:
  1. Truck - RAM SLT? 3500/4500/5500 cab/chassis, crew cab, 4x4 diesel dually flat bed
    (Haven't decided yet on model, 3500/4500/5500 due to payload and towing)
  2. Buggys - Polaris 2016 (Debut in Sept?) ACE, small single seater under 50"W and then another XP1k later as last.
Then I'll be able to put ACE on top of flat bed truck and tow Le Droppe, No tents allowed.  That will allow me to get back into the game.  I"m going 'Knutts' not being able to get 'Out there'.

After the dust has settled on those, the next big phase will be to sell "Le Droppe" and get and Arctic Fox 990 (AF) truck camper and then the XP   This will happen probably sooner than later.
This, of course generates other problems.
  1. AF will go on flat bed and I'll get an Aluma enclosed trailer for ACE and eventually XP1k
  2. Trailer - Aluma 7x20/22 for the ACE and eventually the XP1.  Calculating on length of 2 XP1s. Additional space can be used for water/fuel/extras.
  3. Storage - covered storage for both the AF and the trailer with buggies inside.

Once I have the AF and the ACE, aka Lit'l Nelle, I will try long term camping, ie months at a time.  It's going to take apx 2yrs or so for my condo to get back up to market pricing to sell.  That time period will allow me to experience long term camping with the possibility of Full Time Camping and no home base.

If that doesn't quite work, then a relocation to Bend, OR or Elko/Wells, NV for whatever can be done down there. 

Why those areas?
Not because they are a life long dream, but more logistics in that they are 'more' centrally located for buggy riding in ID, UT, NV etc... and I don't plan on staying home that much..

So, that's the game plan, updates as things change, but should be quiet until Dec 2015 when I should be able to start phase I...

Stay tuned...

Final goal:

Fun eh?