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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Naneum Ridge, WA - RZR Passenger

This is a fun area to ride.

Located just NE of Ellensburg, WA the trails are extensive.  While we had a fairly large group, no one got lost... hmm.. well, not that we know of...  We all met at on the  I-90 Exit 115 at the Fruit store just north of I-90.  Once all there, headed up to the staging area.

 Staging area, met by a man telling me that this place is for "Shooters" (Target Practice) and gave a disgusted look when in answer to his question of where you all from, 'Seattle'....

Anyway, loaded up and headed out.  Forest Roads, not trails..

 Ran into to snow heading up to the "Towers" and got a little too deep for this trip about halfway up.
So, turned around and headed out on another route.

Several massive fires in the recent years made it a Ghost Forest...

On a whim, headed up a steep road and were greatly surprised to find the top. hehheh very nice and very unexpected.  Nice surprise..

And then headed back down with several of shoots..

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blue Skillet Iron Ware - 10" pan & tour

Picked up my pan....

I was going for the French Blue Steel 9" but then figured better go with the 10", so upgraded to the 10" skillet... from Blu Skillet Ironware​

Patrick was kind enough to give me a tour.  Amazing to see what can be created from a simple circle of steel... fun and truly a "Working Piece of Art"... thanks Patrick and Caryn, much appreciated.

I call it a "Working Piece Of Art"... since it's artisan crafted and used all the time.  I like the French Blue Steel pans over Cast Iron simply cause I like them and I've had an Omelet and Crepe pan since the '80s or so.. and they keep getting better and better..

They make several pans and other things and so I just might be back.

NOW  !?!?
Heheh, the problem is I have no where to cook with it.  i could try in the Condo the the smoke alarms join in with all their gusto.
Since I don't have the Tear Drop, camping is mainy off the list, so the pan, sadly will go into the supplies for the AF CAmper, later down the line.  No planning on cooking "Inside" so I've ordered a backup supply of Bees Wax to maintain seasoning....

Fun, looks like a great do it all pan..
Nice to work with a piece of Art...