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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fallon, NV Nov 2015

From Sand Hallow, UT to Fallon, NV along the Extraterrestrial Highway 357, and "Whew" I wasn't abducted.

While I was a little "Foggy/Hazy" as soon as I got on it, I still can't explain why it took some 12-hrs just to do 98-miles.. hmmm...  ooOOOWWwweeeeuuuuu... heheh,  got into Fallon RV Park at night again, sigh, don't like doing that, but...

Fallon RV Park may not be the prettiest RV site, but it certainly is the most functional in that it has cheap fuel, clean shower/laundry, full hook ups, Propane, mini-mart well stocked, cable TV and new concrete pads, so it's a good spot comparatively speaking.

Next day was laundry, fueling up an getting ready to hit the boonies in dry camping (which I just came from at Sand Hollow, UT (below).Friend Jason and Spouse Robin (a little later)  took me to a "Secret Spot" in Wilson Canyon.  Right on the river there, after a short dirt road.

We got there and I, of course, hit the only Mud Hole there, filling up the Dually's (tires & Rims) with mud.  When heading out at the end, it was like i was driving through a Mud Fight.

Got to the site, off loaded buggies, positioned campers just in time for nightfall.

Next day, still chilly out, started out around 11am riding about.

Trails were all over the place and getting, A-hem, "Lost" would be easy, getting separated was even "Easier" as I was able to prove...  (much like the 'Buddy' system in diving aka, same ocean, same day) but from flat to sand stream bed, which were the best, to blazing a trail up a hill in shrubs and snow.  As Jason said, "for every trail you seen, you've missed 2 more"

We were stopped by a falling tree and no chain saws.(and yes, it's on the Wish List)

After riding for 2 days, a good "Happy Hour" was provided by my "Ms RITA" blender.  With a good fire, weather and all was good.

It was a great trip, thanks to Jason and Robin, it was fun to get out there and Jason, coaching me in the nuances of "Boon Dock Camping" with the Fox. (he has the same model and 10 yrs of experience)

Thanks to both, and then off to HorsFalls, OR for the UTV Thanksgiving Take Over or something like that.  Riding the dunes just north of North Bend (Coos Bay), OR.

More Pics here


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sand Hollow, UT Nov 2015

Ok, so my initial starting point for the Official Full Time Rv'ng was from La Pine, OR, drove down through 140

into Nevada to Battle Mtn for an overnight at the City Park as they call it.  A little difficult to find at night.  I hate coming in at night, but the rest stops didn't seem quite right.

From Battle Mtn into Sand Hollow State Park for the SxS Adventure Rally.  Fun it was, combination of Sand and desert..  100s of trails, it would take a few weeks to try to do them all.  Mostly trail riding, but some walls to climb.  I inadvertently had both front wheels in the air, at the same time, a little unerving, but worked out ok.

Saw some old dinosaur tracks and Native American petroglyphs?... interesting...

All in All, a good trip, I'm not big on crowds so right now, Sunday only 2 others in the Sand Pit campground which is nice.

I'd come back to ride, but after a rain as the Whooops & Ruts were not fun... gets old after the 3rd one.

Tuesday, on to Fallon, NV to do some Boondock camping and riding.  looking forward to that.

Till then unless I "disappear" from doing the "Extraterrestrial Highway 357 in NV and then I should have a great story to tell...

Gallery pics here:
(one negative aspect of "Dry Camping" (no hookups) is battery power, water, gray water)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Finally, Nested...

Home Sweet Home...
Home is where you make it....

And this is my home from now on

I will be living in here as  "Full Timer" and traveling around the North American Continent.  Mainly following the Off road Buggy locations, but plan on doing Alaska, Trans-Canadian Hwy from Vancouver to St John's light house. Then swoop down and "Knock off" the lower 48...  Currently, I don't have any desire to stay east of the Mississippi so most travels will be westward as they say.

I will, of course, post happenings, photos, routes etc and will be in contact via internet.  If you are in the same area, stop by for a Margarita and campfire...

Happy Trails
Your "Roaming ROG"  is OTRA
(Retired Old Geezer or Goat, depending upon my mood & 'On The Road Again' -Willie Nelson)

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