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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Quartzsite, AZ Dec 2015

Leaving Horsfalls Sand Dunes, OR and generally looking at the maps, I try to take routes that I haven't taken before which are usually longer, but at least I get to see what's out there.  I typically use Garmin which lately takes me on it's own trip... and Gawd knows where it will end up.

So left Horsfalls in the quiet of a Monday morning, place was almost like a ghost town and the drive, unintended thank you very much Garmin, went over to La Pine on via OR-38 E and OR-58 E  very nice drive, 2-lane so could be a slow one if behind something slow.

Didn't bother to check the weather that much as it was Sunny & Nice in Horsfalls... so it's gotta be "Nice & Sunny" everywhere else in Oregon... heheh, snow in La Pine.

The game plan was to resupply in La Pine, get the stuff I needed, oh? I dunno, like GPS and Nav Tablets for riding... it does help... someone, but not necessarily me.  Only one besides the host ranger-ettes at the campsites who just shook their head and called me "Goofy" for coming out to camp for 2 nights, in the snow at the Park. Snowed a little the next night before departure but manageable.

I always miscalculate map distances in Oregon.  I just look at it and figure, yeah, no biggie, 1-2hrs and I'm through it..

Made it down to Battle Mtn, NV rest stop, spent night and then a long day to Quartzsite, AZ coming into there and trying to find Dome Rock campsite at night was a bit of a hassle.  Just started down highway to a rest stop to spend the night, saw the exit to Dome Rock, took it and just parked somewhere.  Could have been a main road or in the middle of the wash. Didn't know and at that point didn't care.

Luckily made it off the road, on a camping area. (everywhere is a camping area except the road) and located a little better spot for the next two weeks..

Dome Rock is just apx 4 mi west of Quartzsite.

Quartzsite, AZ is pretty much a year'round Flea/Swap market with a highway running through it.  Jan & Feb, it gets jammed with several happenings.  Quartzsite is surrounded by BML (Bureau of Land Mgmt) which means you can camp there at nominal costs. 2 weeks in certain spots, free, and in the LTVA (Long Term Vistor's Area) $40 for 2 weeks or $180 for a 6 month period...  It's pretty much flat scrub brush and dusty.  luckily, you can ride your buggy's into town as long as you don't get crazy.

I was able to do some rides around and it was great riding on the trail the wind around the hills and gullies.

Sunsets are great, but a  little chilly to sit outside and wait for them.  Haven't figured out where the fire wood is and didn't feel like breaking out the campfire due to winds.  But the Stars... Whoa.... can't wait to get some photos of those...  nice...

So, 14 days and have to move...

I'm currently over on the La Posa Tyson wash area, just South of the "Q" as Quartzsite is called, on the west side next to the wash...  The wash, is sort of the highway to the "Q" for buggies.  Keeps'em off the highway and makes it fun.

Gallery Pics here
(if Google allows it, they've change and it takes getting used to it)

Good riding....

(I have to laugh everytime I have a pic wearing hat hat, looks goofy scrunched down on the head like that, but it blows of if not "tied down' right...)

Now over at the LTVA area and will be moving to a different location, less dusty tomorrow, Mon 21st.

I'll try to get into the Christmas Mood, with light etc, but been having problems with batteries and solar panels... Solar panel finally just gave up and stopped working.  it's a simple connection that is loose and after 3 day's attempts haven't found the break.  Going in tomorrow to get it resolved... market/haircut (looking a little shabby heheh) and new campsite away from the dust..

My shopping cart..
to carry what I call the "FFB"s of life..
(Fuel, Food, Beer) the 3 basic essentials of life... 
My life that is...)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

HorsFalls Nov 15

I went to the UTV Take Over at the Sand Dunes at Horsfalls, OR to "Ride the Dunes"

While I'm not a "Duner", more of a "Trailer", as in doing dunes and doing trails, it is fun to get out there on "fresh Dunes"...

The ACE 900 performed will, but the wheel base is just too short for the "Whoops", Sand Waves, like waves you'd see on the ocean 1-3'+ high and you just go up and down.  The bigger machines, XP1ks can get up to speed and just bounce along the tops, much like wash boarded roads.  The Ace can't so it becomes miserable when you encounter them.  Have to slow down to a crawl and of course, everyone is gone.  Fresh dunes are great when you don't have to deal with Whoops and Ruts.

The Rally was a good one, many people showed up.  Camping site was packed full and pretty much a free for all that goes with it.
(note, campfires don't burn Alum cans, garbage etc and crushing them doesn't help.  Noise levels remained constant even at 3am, had to use ear plugs)

Most encircled like wagon trains with the inner courts for buggies and, A-hem, Repairs as needed. Most Trailers are pretty much like mobile repair shops having all the tools needed to rebuild a new machine.  Sometimes it's hard to identify a buggy unless it's up on jacks, heheh, sorry, couldn't resist, but that's the other half of he fun, tweaking the buggies to the dunes.

(you ever going to go out riding?)

UTV put on a great Rally,



Thanksgiving dinner (and free beer)

It's hard to get a photo of the dunes heights, but they are long and steep.  I was able to make it up most of them, some after a few tries, due to pilot error and was great before the crowds showed up.  The sand trails

are kewl, but once peeps started arriving and the place got chewed up with the quads on the trails, it was becoming more of a hassle for the ACE, A-hem Driver, Moi, to get excited to go out. It's much like water skiing on glassy smooth and then turning to chop, not as much fun, IMNSHO.

Anyway, it was an experience and wanted to do it, but will probably shy away from the "Big Events" in the dunes.  Will luv to go back in the off season and spend time cruising around, huge area.

Then onto La Pine, to regroup, resupply, reorganize for Quartzsite, AZ
(Relied on Garmin to get me over to La Pine, went the wrong route, sigh, back to carrying maps/atlas again.  need a new Garmin as it's taking me places no one has ever seen, heheh, user error of course, but I shouldn't have to carry maps as a back up or primary source)

More pics here

Only restraint is what I call the "FFB"s
"Fuel, Food, Beer"

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fallon, NV Nov 2015

From Sand Hallow, UT to Fallon, NV along the Extraterrestrial Highway 357, and "Whew" I wasn't abducted.

While I was a little "Foggy/Hazy" as soon as I got on it, I still can't explain why it took some 12-hrs just to do 98-miles.. hmmm...  ooOOOWWwweeeeuuuuu... heheh,  got into Fallon RV Park at night again, sigh, don't like doing that, but...

Fallon RV Park may not be the prettiest RV site, but it certainly is the most functional in that it has cheap fuel, clean shower/laundry, full hook ups, Propane, mini-mart well stocked, cable TV and new concrete pads, so it's a good spot comparatively speaking.

Next day was laundry, fueling up an getting ready to hit the boonies in dry camping (which I just came from at Sand Hollow, UT (below).Friend Jason and Spouse Robin (a little later)  took me to a "Secret Spot" in Wilson Canyon.  Right on the river there, after a short dirt road.

We got there and I, of course, hit the only Mud Hole there, filling up the Dually's (tires & Rims) with mud.  When heading out at the end, it was like i was driving through a Mud Fight.

Got to the site, off loaded buggies, positioned campers just in time for nightfall.

Next day, still chilly out, started out around 11am riding about.

Trails were all over the place and getting, A-hem, "Lost" would be easy, getting separated was even "Easier" as I was able to prove...  (much like the 'Buddy' system in diving aka, same ocean, same day) but from flat to sand stream bed, which were the best, to blazing a trail up a hill in shrubs and snow.  As Jason said, "for every trail you seen, you've missed 2 more"

We were stopped by a falling tree and no chain saws.(and yes, it's on the Wish List)

After riding for 2 days, a good "Happy Hour" was provided by my "Ms RITA" blender.  With a good fire, weather and all was good.

It was a great trip, thanks to Jason and Robin, it was fun to get out there and Jason, coaching me in the nuances of "Boon Dock Camping" with the Fox. (he has the same model and 10 yrs of experience)

Thanks to both, and then off to HorsFalls, OR for the UTV Thanksgiving Take Over or something like that.  Riding the dunes just north of North Bend (Coos Bay), OR.

More Pics here


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sand Hollow, UT Nov 2015

Ok, so my initial starting point for the Official Full Time Rv'ng was from La Pine, OR, drove down through 140

into Nevada to Battle Mtn for an overnight at the City Park as they call it.  A little difficult to find at night.  I hate coming in at night, but the rest stops didn't seem quite right.

From Battle Mtn into Sand Hollow State Park for the SxS Adventure Rally.  Fun it was, combination of Sand and desert..  100s of trails, it would take a few weeks to try to do them all.  Mostly trail riding, but some walls to climb.  I inadvertently had both front wheels in the air, at the same time, a little unerving, but worked out ok.

Saw some old dinosaur tracks and Native American petroglyphs?... interesting...

All in All, a good trip, I'm not big on crowds so right now, Sunday only 2 others in the Sand Pit campground which is nice.

I'd come back to ride, but after a rain as the Whooops & Ruts were not fun... gets old after the 3rd one.

Tuesday, on to Fallon, NV to do some Boondock camping and riding.  looking forward to that.

Till then unless I "disappear" from doing the "Extraterrestrial Highway 357 in NV and then I should have a great story to tell...

Gallery pics here:
(one negative aspect of "Dry Camping" (no hookups) is battery power, water, gray water)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Finally, Nested...

Home Sweet Home...
Home is where you make it....

And this is my home from now on

I will be living in here as  "Full Timer" and traveling around the North American Continent.  Mainly following the Off road Buggy locations, but plan on doing Alaska, Trans-Canadian Hwy from Vancouver to St John's light house. Then swoop down and "Knock off" the lower 48...  Currently, I don't have any desire to stay east of the Mississippi so most travels will be westward as they say.

I will, of course, post happenings, photos, routes etc and will be in contact via internet.  If you are in the same area, stop by for a Margarita and campfire...

Happy Trails
Your "Roaming ROG"  is OTRA
(Retired Old Geezer or Goat, depending upon my mood & 'On The Road Again' -Willie Nelson)

My main website is:
Facebook is:  Frank Poole
Google + is:  Frank Poole

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lining the Ducks up....

Ok, so it looks like things are starting to come together here...

Truck:    Ordered
Delivery around the 22nd Aug.

Flat Bed:  Ordered
Delivery apx 22 Aug or close thereafter

Camper Arctic Fox :  Next
Ordering after truck is secured

ACE 900:  Ordered
Pick up after Camper secured

Li'l Nell: Sept
And of course we have to name her, ACE, so "Little Nell" it is.
"Nellie" is for the XP1k that will reappear in an year or so.
My Fav gals....  (Li'l Nell will have one less mug (on left side for 3 mugs)

Once this is place, I should be ready to go "Full Time" RV TC (Truck Camping).  need to make 1-2  trips to put stuff in storage and then should be good to go.

Looking forward to it, so many places, so little time.
Sept will be a busy month to be sure, but planning on being in Moab, UT end of Sept/1st of Oct for buggy riding.

That's it for now... 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

South Dakota Trip

With the possibility of going full time, I'll be trying it slow at first but not sure where I'll end up.  
I ran over, 2-day drive, to Sioux City/Madison, South Dakota to do all the paper work to transfer Driver's License, Truck Registration and mailing address.  Took about half a day and then back.

Left Sunday, Tue did the paperwork, home on Thursday.  Big mistake by staying in the Motel 6. The one in Bozeman has been remodeled and looks nice but sounds travel up and down the corridors along with Head Board Pounding, luckily only lasted for about 2 min, heheh, typical I guess, but the noise level didn't allow for much sleep.  I vowed to never stay in a "6" again from last time, but time erodes the bad things in life.  Did a Super 8 on return and while expensive, was much better.  Although I note that the "8" never seem to have the room layout right with plugs etc.   Sigh...
The "6" in Sioux Falls was terrible and like a day care facility, screaming kids to 11pm...  so no more..

I plan on eventually moving to La Pine, Oregon area but can’t sell my condo as it’s a VA loan underwater in value.   Once I can sell it, I’ll move.

Meanwhile I plan on Roaming around the US in the Truck camper for 90% of the time.  I need an inexpensive Mail Forwarding service that handles “Full Timers”
(Full Timers = live out of their “Rigs”  100% of the time and have no ‘Stick built’ home.  Typically those big Ole Land Cruisers 
Their rig is their home.  For Govt purposes, they want you to have a steady mailing/resident address even if you’re never there.

When I get the camper, I plan on Roaming and needed to set this up.
It is like I was moving to the state in that I have  a SD driver’s license, Truck plates and Permanent Address.  I also has some tax advantages, not really clear how that will affect me,  but it’s better than WA.

I went to the “” to set it up.
Part of “Registering to the State” requires an overnight stay receipt, permanent SD address (here) and Driver’s license/registration…

So that’s what I did.

Seattle Condo is now my “Vacation”? home.. heheh, I dunno, I just want to get going on this…

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Truck Ordered - Step 1

Just a quick update.

Order the Truck last week.  ETA early Sept or sooner.
2016 Ram 5500 Crew Cab/chassis 4x4 Diesel.  Sort of Bare Bones due to $$$, but should get the job done. (example)

Next Step 2 is the flat Bed and with luck, I can coordinate them at the same time.  Pick up the truck, take it over to Silver Lake Mfg to put it one and then drive home after an overnight there.
More pics here at "Nellies Wish List"

Step 3 will be the Polaris ACE, 2016 model and hopefully some changes to it.
then I can start 'living again' and get out there.

Then end of Year for the Camper and ACE trailer, and that will really "Get me out there" pretty much full timing with a condo base camp..

One step at a time and it's kill'n me waiting, waiting, waiting..... fun..

Saturday, May 2, 2015

RZR Racing, Straddleine ORV Park, Olympia, WA

First time at a “RZR Race” at Straddleline ORV ( Off Road Vehicle) Park just West of Olympia, WA.
PNW SxS drivers Traci N and Phil W were jumping in on the track.

Traci in # 11 with a 240-hp turbo RZR and Phil in orange trimmed #49? Demonstrating the art of 2-wheeled cornering, nice, and no one was hurt.

It was good to get out and first time at these types of races. it was a bit tricky with the camera, but every day is a learning curve. There were only two real shot locations, the corner in the distance and the home turn.  Auto focus was "iffy" at best and I'm not skilled enough, with bad eyes, to do it manually with success, so there we are.

Watching them go around can make one think, Hmmmm.... why not, just sitting there steering... ROGs can do that, right?? heheh Looking forward to my pokey old ACE

Fun day, makes one want to get out there and try it .


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Naneum Ridge, WA - RZR Passenger

This is a fun area to ride.

Located just NE of Ellensburg, WA the trails are extensive.  While we had a fairly large group, no one got lost... hmm.. well, not that we know of...  We all met at on the  I-90 Exit 115 at the Fruit store just north of I-90.  Once all there, headed up to the staging area.

 Staging area, met by a man telling me that this place is for "Shooters" (Target Practice) and gave a disgusted look when in answer to his question of where you all from, 'Seattle'....

Anyway, loaded up and headed out.  Forest Roads, not trails..

 Ran into to snow heading up to the "Towers" and got a little too deep for this trip about halfway up.
So, turned around and headed out on another route.

Several massive fires in the recent years made it a Ghost Forest...

On a whim, headed up a steep road and were greatly surprised to find the top. hehheh very nice and very unexpected.  Nice surprise..

And then headed back down with several of shoots..

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blue Skillet Iron Ware - 10" pan & tour

Picked up my pan....

I was going for the French Blue Steel 9" but then figured better go with the 10", so upgraded to the 10" skillet... from Blu Skillet Ironware​

Patrick was kind enough to give me a tour.  Amazing to see what can be created from a simple circle of steel... fun and truly a "Working Piece of Art"... thanks Patrick and Caryn, much appreciated.

I call it a "Working Piece Of Art"... since it's artisan crafted and used all the time.  I like the French Blue Steel pans over Cast Iron simply cause I like them and I've had an Omelet and Crepe pan since the '80s or so.. and they keep getting better and better..

They make several pans and other things and so I just might be back.

NOW  !?!?
Heheh, the problem is I have no where to cook with it.  i could try in the Condo the the smoke alarms join in with all their gusto.
Since I don't have the Tear Drop, camping is mainy off the list, so the pan, sadly will go into the supplies for the AF CAmper, later down the line.  No planning on cooking "Inside" so I've ordered a backup supply of Bees Wax to maintain seasoning....

Fun, looks like a great do it all pan..
Nice to work with a piece of Art...


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bon Voyage Le Droppe - New Home

Ok, so another Chapter in the ‘WTF is he doing now’, closes.
The Sun has set upon “Le Droppe” as I was able to find her a new home.

I am now feeling how the “Empty Nestors” feel as an “Empty Garage-or”, the garage is now empty and it’s sorta weird.  Nothing to do, nowhere to go.   Temporary, rest assured.

As the Sun Set upon “Le Droppe” it rises, albeit early, on a new chapter for ORV Camping and Riding.

Next stop, “The Beast” (truck) in July/Sept… with luck…

Good by My Lady, and thank you for some true adventures…

I tried to send her off with the "3 Essentials for camping" 
1. Campfire (starter brick, too old to rub sticks together)
2. Cast Iron pan (see handle sticking out)
3. A Wee Bit'O Bubbly to sit around the campfire...

Monday, March 16, 2015

Prineville, OR and 'Le Droppe's" last trip together.

This was a bitter sweet trip in that it was “Le Droppe”, my ‘08 Camp Inn 550 Tear Drop, last trip together.  Luv’d this TD, it’s so easy and practical to use.  But have to make way for the next level, Truck/camper rig.

Anyway, tripp’n down to Prineville for several reasons.

-  Attend and Off-Road (ORV) mapping/track waypoints class sponsored by the US Forest Service in Oregon.  ORV Friendly and supportive. Central Oregon SXS

-  Check out moving to the Bend area, not sure exactly where yet, but apx 2yrs down the line.  Looking at a Land/Cabin package, but 5+ acres with a Mfg home will work.  It’s not like I’m go to live in it for the next 20+ yrs.

The Prineville Reservoir is a great place to camp if not crowded.  It’s about 30 min back into Prineville.  Wind can pickup if on the camping bluff, I was in C-19.  Spaces are close so summer time might be pushing the quiet level.  Good if you have a group going..

A good trip, cut a little short due to a storm coming in, rain & wind, not fun when working together.  Was going to drive the John Day area, Hwy 19 through the Fossil beds, but got pressed for time due to weather.. Next time..

Putting ‘Le Droppe’ on the market this week or so, getting it detailed out first.
S'long my good friend...

Bitter Sweet Fun .

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Truck Decision - finally

Ok, after many angonizing "Back n Forths" and pestering the hell out of a few people, I've finally decided on the truck

2015 RAM 5500 Diesel Dually Tradesman Cab/Chassis
9'6"Long Flat bed,  4x4,, Dual Alt 440amps, Front bumper/Winch

Why a 5500? you ask?

Short answer is I simply got tired of going back and forth 3500/4500/3500/4500 and said to hell with it, let's do the 5500 and be done with it. And now we are.  While it's a bit "Over Kill" that's ok as it's much worse Swaying/Sagging/Slugging up a hill and wishing I had gone to the next level.  Been there, done that.  Done!!! just waiting till late Summer for ordering/delivery or on lot. (sorta like below)

Now that the Truck part is out of the way, I'm still going Knutts in wanting to get out there and start "Roaming" again.  Soooooo... with that in mind.... next step is???

Prepping and selling "Le Droppe" (Tear Drop Trailer - TD).  I have one more trip to Oregon and once back, will look for a "Detailer" to get it all spiffed up without the decals and put it on the market.
Due to the quality of the Camp Inns, it shouldn't take long, a few weeks if that.  But how am I going to Camp?? you ask?  (mann you ask a lotta questions for a reader)
Well, motels for trips until I get the Arctic Fox 990 camper hopefully first of next year.  Maybe a tent, but thinking those days are gone.  Wanna buy a good tent?

When the TD sells, I'll be able to get  the Truck, aka 'The Beast', in Summer followed by a new 2016 Polaris ACE.  Then I'll be back, sorta, to riding again and being able to get out there, motel camping if necessary.

This is good news for me as I was thinking all this to happen by end of year.  Now able to move up by 6 months.

So, there we have it  

Ps. Note the Blog name changed to "Roam'n ROG"  
ROG for either "Retired Old Geezer" or ".... Goat"... take your pick.

Truck Camper Mag - Angela White & Spouse

Fun eh?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Yah, I know, I know, it's been awhile since last decade's post but going to get better this coming year.

So as of 3/5/2015:

I'm resetting back to square one.  
Decided to let "Nellie" (Polaris RZR XP1000k) go and take the pymts made on that toward a bigger truck.  

I made the mistake of jumping into 'Buggies' thinking I could 'Just Tent Camp'... 
I hate tent camping.  

Since I couldn't tow both Nellie and Le Droppe (Tear Drop) at the same time, what to do, what to do..

Solution:  Restart back to square one.
Step 1 - Get a bigger truck.

So, 2015 game-plan, hopefully productive by end of year and progressing after that, is:
  1. Truck - RAM SLT? 3500/4500/5500 cab/chassis, crew cab, 4x4 diesel dually flat bed
    (Haven't decided yet on model, 3500/4500/5500 due to payload and towing)
  2. Buggys - Polaris 2016 (Debut in Sept?) ACE, small single seater under 50"W and then another XP1k later as last.
Then I'll be able to put ACE on top of flat bed truck and tow Le Droppe, No tents allowed.  That will allow me to get back into the game.  I"m going 'Knutts' not being able to get 'Out there'.

After the dust has settled on those, the next big phase will be to sell "Le Droppe" and get and Arctic Fox 990 (AF) truck camper and then the XP   This will happen probably sooner than later.
This, of course generates other problems.
  1. AF will go on flat bed and I'll get an Aluma enclosed trailer for ACE and eventually XP1k
  2. Trailer - Aluma 7x20/22 for the ACE and eventually the XP1.  Calculating on length of 2 XP1s. Additional space can be used for water/fuel/extras.
  3. Storage - covered storage for both the AF and the trailer with buggies inside.

Once I have the AF and the ACE, aka Lit'l Nelle, I will try long term camping, ie months at a time.  It's going to take apx 2yrs or so for my condo to get back up to market pricing to sell.  That time period will allow me to experience long term camping with the possibility of Full Time Camping and no home base.

If that doesn't quite work, then a relocation to Bend, OR or Elko/Wells, NV for whatever can be done down there. 

Why those areas?
Not because they are a life long dream, but more logistics in that they are 'more' centrally located for buggy riding in ID, UT, NV etc... and I don't plan on staying home that much..

So, that's the game plan, updates as things change, but should be quiet until Dec 2015 when I should be able to start phase I...

Stay tuned...

Final goal:

Fun eh?