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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Truck Ordered - Step 1

Just a quick update.

Order the Truck last week.  ETA early Sept or sooner.
2016 Ram 5500 Crew Cab/chassis 4x4 Diesel.  Sort of Bare Bones due to $$$, but should get the job done. (example)

Next Step 2 is the flat Bed and with luck, I can coordinate them at the same time.  Pick up the truck, take it over to Silver Lake Mfg to put it one and then drive home after an overnight there.
More pics here at "Nellies Wish List"

Step 3 will be the Polaris ACE, 2016 model and hopefully some changes to it.
then I can start 'living again' and get out there.

Then end of Year for the Camper and ACE trailer, and that will really "Get me out there" pretty much full timing with a condo base camp..

One step at a time and it's kill'n me waiting, waiting, waiting..... fun..

Saturday, May 2, 2015

RZR Racing, Straddleine ORV Park, Olympia, WA

First time at a “RZR Race” at Straddleline ORV ( Off Road Vehicle) Park just West of Olympia, WA.
PNW SxS drivers Traci N and Phil W were jumping in on the track.

Traci in # 11 with a 240-hp turbo RZR and Phil in orange trimmed #49? Demonstrating the art of 2-wheeled cornering, nice, and no one was hurt.

It was good to get out and first time at these types of races. it was a bit tricky with the camera, but every day is a learning curve. There were only two real shot locations, the corner in the distance and the home turn.  Auto focus was "iffy" at best and I'm not skilled enough, with bad eyes, to do it manually with success, so there we are.

Watching them go around can make one think, Hmmmm.... why not, just sitting there steering... ROGs can do that, right?? heheh Looking forward to my pokey old ACE

Fun day, makes one want to get out there and try it .