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Friday, February 15, 2013

Yellowstone - Winter Photo Tour

Did a fun trip over to Yellowstone with my bro, Robin from Missoula, MT, World Famous Photog IMNSHO heheh, and a group from there.  Not camping, moteling.

12 hr drive, left Seattle at noon, big mistake, ended up in Twin Falls, ID and then in the next day.  Drive home was straight through from North Entrance to Seattle, almost snow, but just beat the storm, luckily.

0700am departures, snow cat rented, can stop anytime at any place.
Great tour guides, lots of people running around on snow mobiles, looks like fun and some X-Country Skiing.

"Animules" were out, hard to adjust to the "Big Ole Bisons" just parking in the roadTechnique is to keep moving, 1mph or it'll be a 3-hr parking lot
I got caught once, LOL... and like a dumb tourist, stopped.. 

Weather was great, no snow, no wind, no blizzard so that means it's gotta be good.
Worst weather was coming back into Seattle, Rain...   

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