Sunday, November 8, 2015

Finally, Nested...

Home Sweet Home...
Home is where you make it....

And this is my home from now on

I will be living in here as  "Full Timer" and traveling around the North American Continent.  Mainly following the Off road Buggy locations, but plan on doing Alaska, Trans-Canadian Hwy from Vancouver to St John's light house. Then swoop down and "Knock off" the lower 48...  Currently, I don't have any desire to stay east of the Mississippi so most travels will be westward as they say.

I will, of course, post happenings, photos, routes etc and will be in contact via internet.  If you are in the same area, stop by for a Margarita and campfire...

Happy Trails
Your "Roaming ROG"  is OTRA
(Retired Old Geezer or Goat, depending upon my mood & 'On The Road Again' -Willie Nelson)

My main website is:
Facebook is:  Frank Poole
Google + is:  Frank Poole


  1. That's sounds awesome Frank! Congratulations! If you are ever in my neighborhood, would love to officially meet you.

  2. Thanks Shannon, heheh, I feel like we've been friends for a long time. Look forward to it.. I"m doing the "Rally in the Pines", Mackay, next July so maybe then..