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Thursday, February 18, 2016


An unexpected surprise, not looking to do again.
thank-you so 'nicely'.

Things can change quickly from a normal? routine.  Posting this not as a "Poor Francisco"  but as a heads up on warning signs for others. I certainly didn't have a clue and was extremely lucky, according to the Docs involve.  Most don't make it to the ER rooms.  Here's the short version, PM if you have the need for more

Night before:
Felt a little warm and achy and figured it was just a possible flu bug that was going around.  Riding tomorrow, will decide then.

Next day:
Woke up, Rt leg really swollen, +50%.
Tried to get dressed, out of breath just putting on shoes.
Concerned, went online and Googled 'Swollen leg and shortness of breath' just to see what popped up.
Everything from "fluids in leg, raise leg" to "you're gonna die, rush to ER"  not much help.  Didn't feel any pain, just the swollen leg and shortness of breath when doing something.

Figured I could still do the ride, just sitting, no exertion and see how it goes.  Can hit the local "Doc in a Box" on the way back.
During ride, getting chills, couldn't keep warm, after 2 hrs, broke off and headed to the local Urgent care.

(older pic, but you get the idea)
Doc In the Box:
Parked buggy at the Local Urgent Care in Quartzsite, walked in, explained, swollen leg and shortness of breath.  Doc overheard initial conversation, came out and said, "We can't help you, you NEED to get to ER ASAP, either Blythe, CA or Parker, AZ.  We can call an ambulance..."  I thought well Krap... this sucks.. I'd have to go back to campsite, prepare for departure and then drive 40 min to Parker, my choice... or? take a ride in the "Meat Wagon" to Parker.  figuring Insurance, even though I had just, 3-4 days prior - lessened coverage, would cover it.  Ambulance arrived in 5 min and strapped me in  to Parker, AZ ER.

Parker ER:
Arrived, told to stay lying down, level, X-rays, Cat Scans, and Ultra sounds found numerous blood clots, but 3 main ones, 1 in thigh and one in each lung, big ones, didn't want to dislodge it.  Needed treatment, but no room at the Inn here so Med Evac by Helicopter to the nearest Hospital over at Banner Del Web, in Sun City, just west of Phoenix.  45min flight, not a Cobra and no The Ride of the Valkyries music. Sigh, nothing is going right today, heheh. My phone was in buggy, Dave was able to bring over to Parker and I gave him the buggy keys, but battery was gone, no Hosp chargers.  When asked, they just looked like they did at my jokes.  Huh?

Banner Hosp:
Wheeled into the ICU area and "Plugged In" with tubes all over the place along with the 2 IVs.   heheh, my attempt to find humor in this was my comment, "...I am Borg, resistance is futile..." which no one even smiled at...  and I tried it about 7 different times, no trekkers there even though and yes, I do laugh at my own jokes, Roswell, NM was just the next state over.  Sigh, oh well, I laughed and I got it, ... several shots in the stomach, numerous 9-in one draw, blood draws and more chest X-rays or whatever they're called now.  They were putting it in one arm and taking it out in the other. Still no recharging plugs for dead phone.

Apx 3-4 days in ICU, then moved to less urgent area, expecting to be released, wondering about how to get home, back to the "Q" since I was evaced apx 125mi from home. Figure a Greyhound bus if nothing else.

Secondary issue:
So, my thinking of  ''I'm Outta here' was put on hold as they found a bacteria with 2 of the blood draws and don't know if it was exterior or interior (in blood) and have to let it incubate 24-48hr to ID it. Take new ones, incubate those, ID it, and then find the 'Fix'.  Thoughts of Steve McQueen in the movie Papillon (Butteryfly) started popping in my head.
Meanwhile IVs pumping in antibiotics 24/7.  Thinking MERSA? heheh or something like that, hopefully won't be reading about it in the news.

Finally got released and Hosp arranged Taxi, to campsite.
Fellow buggy rider, Dave, had picked up the buggy from initial urgent care and picked me up to get it, thanks Dave and all others that offered to help.  Not used to that, heheh.

Current Status:
Advised not to ride for 6+months due to possible accident causing internal bleeding which they can't stop. Blood thinner Xarelto is new and counter clotting agents not created yet.  So if I hit head/rib whatever causing internal bleeding, I would just "Wet my lips, and kiss ma arse Goo-by"
So, not riding and lowered camper due to height, step ladder risk.  I'm on blood thinner for apx 6 months then reevaluate and possibly back to normal routine.

Due to a massive,70+% income loss, I'll be letting the ACE go and find something else to focus on.  Sad, as I really like the idea of it, but... can't keep it going.  Just can't seem to hang onto the Buggies... so probably no more pics of the trails.

Planning on heading out as soon as the 'Buggy' issue is resolved or on track. Will try Carlsbad Caverns, Grand Canyon, Sky bridge, Death Valley and head over and up the coast.  Miss the trees and ocean.

Probably more than you wanted to know, but posted to help others realize it can all "Go South" in one day without a clue.  Email me if you have questions.

So just Chill'n till I get back on track.
Sigh, like Gilligan, some 3 hour tour that 10-trip was. A real PITA it was.....

(Older pic at Prineville Res, a Fav "Happy" place heheh)