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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Goose Lake, OR to Christmas Valley Sand Dunes, OR

Heading further NW to the PNW, not in any hurry, looking for stops along the way and off the beaten tracks.
(New project for a Map.  Show spots I've been to, click on the icon to bring up 4 pics, brief descriptions and links at the bottom of the popup box - still a work in progress  so might be a little confusing)

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Main Gallery Pics here.
East Bay, Thompson Res, Silver Lake, OR
Bend, OR Area
Sand Dunes, Xmas Valley, OR

Found several places along Hwy 31 that looked interesting and cheap.

Ended up at East Bay CG on the Thompson Reservoir for a few days.  NFS with the "Old Geezer Pass" it was like $5night, Dry, no hook ups.  It's paved all the way in, longer drive.

I was planning on staying at another CG, and drove right past the turnoff, thank you "Ms Garmin" my "Arch Nemesis" when out in the wilds.

I couldn't turn around so had to keep going and Voila', there was the turn off to the one I had originally looked at, East Bay.  I wanted a "Room with a View" and lucked out with a spot on the Lake front, sorta.. I could see the lake.

Sites a little uneven, but managed.  BKTs were starting up, Mosquitos, kids etc.. so looking like Summer as arrived.  They had the Yellow Jack Traps, luckily.. but still...

It's a nice park, mainly for Fisher Peeps...  boat launch and fishing from shore and launch area, backing up trailers etc.. not too bad.

I had to run the Generator as the trees were blocking the solar, so run it apx 2-hrs in the morning and 2-hr around 5-6pm or so, to lessen the noise level at nights.

The sunsets were nice at times.

After a few days, started getting antsy so time to head on out.  Just as I was packing up, a man came by asking for a "Jump" as his battery wasn't turning the truck over.

Finished packing and headed over to his place right outside of the campgrounds.  Had I know this spot was there, I'd have used it.

Nice and it was free.

Got my little battery pack out that rarely gets used, but like a fire extinguisher, it's "Not needed until it's needed"...  didn't do a thing, figured it was charged enough, although showing med charged, so he had some cables to hook up.

Got'em hooked up, Nada, nothing, just a click.

To make a Short Story Long, it was a fuse, so after experimenting, he under the truck hot wiring the starter, and then realizing it's electrical, move one 30 amp fuse from something else and popped it in.  Truck started and was good to go.

I asked if he would like me to hang around, 'No, not needed, still has to pull/load a boat..." so let him go.  My good deed for the day and help pay back/forward the help I got when stuck in sand over in Anvil, Flaming Gorge, WY ..

 Luckily, REAL lucky I was on that one that he was able to pull me out........

I really need to get a winch and self-rescue krap...

Then on to La Pine, OR, stayed a night a the "Gordy's Truck Stop.

Next day, headed out to my "Secret Spots" to see if they were occupied or not.

They were occupied so I ended up on a hill, not too bad, but like it a little closer to the water.

After staying a few days to let the weekend, End, and peeps move out, had to go into town for the basics and then check out the sites again.

All were occupied, so found another one that worked out well..

Stayed a week there, it's usually 7-days before I need to do Dump N Fills and makes for a good time to move.

Later, had laundry to do so stayed at La Pine, SP, which was FULL save 3 sites.  Bagged one, went to do laundry, came back and sign said it was FULL.. Yikes, thank Gawd I got my site earlier...

Stayed the night so I could dump n fill, then headed out to Christmas Valley Sand Dunes.

I've always wanted to check it out, when buggy riding so since I was in the area, thought WTF Over, check it out... so I did.. heheh, sigh, I need a life...

There are sorta, 3 main camping areas and the sand where I was, was hard packed.  I wouldn't venture too far off the beaten path, but it was fine.

Dirt road is fine, no problem-o, just be careful going down some of the off shoots.

Sand was getting a little too soft so turned around, but you can press on.

After exploring 2 of the 3 sites, came back to the middle one and parked it.

The dunes were perfect, only one or two drivers in the whole area.  Virgin Sand and a huge area to play around with .  A few steep ones but most were just fun "dunning"..

I hiked up to the top of this one to get a good view of the overall area.

... and goes beyond the first hill you see..

Virgin Sand, no Woops or Ruts.. Sweet...

Two guys were sand surfing... well, trying to, sand wasn't cooperating..

and then the sand sticks.. OOPS... heheh, that's about as far as they got.

and "I don't need no Stink'n Buggy..." to make tracks...

The Juniper Trees were really something to see..  sturdy they were.

So, it's a nice place, really need a buggy to enjoy it.  The winds will pick up and it's pretty much a dust/sand storm.  So headed  out after a few days, next stop, Crack in the ground after going by Fort Rock..
(actually, Ft Rock is after going west, of the sand dunes. No camping right there)

You can hike up and around