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Monday, October 21, 2013

2013 CICO to Balloons to Moab

Well this trip went relatively well.  Learned a lot about "Tripp'n" longer term than a 3-day weekend.

Photo album - more than you wanted...
(Cameras not in time synch, so some, well most, out of order, will try to clean up the next one, not going to do this one)

Sunday, started from Seattle, WA headed over to Mauston, WI for the CICO (Camp Inn Camp Out) via SnG (Sleep N Go) Butte, MT  then SnG  at Casper, WY,  then SnG at Sioux Falls, SD and Wed on to Mauston, WI stayed a few days.  A lot of Camp Inn Tear Drops and other home builds, fun time for all. Left Monday.

Monday, straight drive to Kansas City, KS SnG, then off to Clayton, NM.  I believe there was a stop in between, maybe not, but can't remember it right now and it's of no importance, it was just a SnG (Sleep N Go).

Got to Clayton, NM, stayed a few days, but not sure why.  Tried to see the Volcano but closed due to Govt Shut down.  Ended up going through Fulsom, NM, had no idea that was there.  Really sad to see all the boarded up small towns along the way, nation wide.  Peoples hopes and dreams ruined, gone for whatever reasons.. Really sad...

On to Albuquerque, NM for the Hot Air Balloon Festival. In a word "Disappointed"
I had the full Fest booked 10 days? but left in 2.
Balloons were nice, fun to see and they do drift right over the campsite aka, Parking LOT !!...  Winds were a little "iffy" at first but then worked great.
Whine:  Too crowded, huge dirt/gravel parking lot, parked side-by-side without hook ups at all, in the standard sites. The only good thing was due to size, Ahem, size does matter, I was able to get parked up  on a hill, above the Maddening Crowd.  The walk to the Museum was long, apx 1 mile and then about 1/2 mile to the launching sites.  Traffic was a mess, almost couldn't get back in.  I had to leave for fear of being suffocated by all the generators around and the wind was constant during the day, never put the canopy out.
A real mess.  Only way to do this would be a hotel or one of the Big Rigs..
Can't recommend it at all,  If you haven't seen the Balloons you should. Go to a local one.  We have Processor, WA that has a good one and that is worth while, camping at CHARBONNEAU PK, WA Park.

Left on a Monday? heading out to Moab, UT.  Went through Santa Fe as some recommended camping up there in a small river valley. Nice drive, saw the valley, looks nice, but not for a SnG so went on to Moab, UT.

Got to Moab, putzed back and forth trying to find a decent campsite, finally decided on the Moab Valley RV Park at North end of town, just before the bridge for the Colorado River.  Nice park, not much shade but worked.  Stayed 3 nights and that was just about right.
Went on the Hummer Tours and that was fun.  Wanted to do the RZR ATV tours but needed at least 4 people or go alone, not ready for that since I can get lost in my driveway.  Tour was fun and for a first timer, good to experience it.  I now have a new respect for the Hummers.. kewl.. I want a RZR 1000.  It's on the list.

Then back home to Seattle. Done

Round Trip Miles:     5012 mi (according to AAA)
Nights in "Le Droppe":     20+
Google Map:   Route Map (2nd page shows back to Seattle, WA)

Fun..  On to the next one...