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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Logger’s Jubilee 2013

Never been to one, thought it would be fun, it was. Crowded, buggie, kids and allergies cut it short by a day. Lawn Mower racing, Parade, Bed Racing, Flea Market and of course the Loggers… They’re ‘Knutts’.. heheh amazing.

Went to the Loggers thing as I’ve never been to one.  It was fun and with the different events kept busy. Campsite was nice, but a little on the dark side and of course the BKT’s were out in full force along with an allergy, Gawd knows where that came from, but had to leave a day early – Med’s didn’t work. 

Met Old Dive Buddy Kelly Smith there with his rig,  beer & mosquitoes the first night.

Drove out to the Mt St Helen’s Eastern lookout. Looked like a hop-skip-jump to the Windy Ridge Site.. Yikes, big mistake.  Not only Sloooow, driving and Curvy, but bumpy, like a child’s rollercoaster.. I actually started getting Car Sick on way back.

Flea Market, lunch and then the Lawnmower racing, knutts.  They had a “Ladies” run then the “Man’s”run.  Both were Knutts… time trials , then 3-4 per race.  They put curves in the track to actually slow them down to help prevent injuries.  A few crack ups, stalls and one they actually had to push them across the finish line.  Funny.

Sponsored breakfast, bed racing – fun to watch, parade, then lunch at the arcaded and the loggers thing afternoon to night.  I Left around 4-ish or 5-ish as too much sun and tired.  Same old thing..”See a tree, Log/chop/cut/saw/throw/climb it. – done…”
Loggers? They’re “Knutts” climbing up poles and pretty much free falling down, sawing logs and with the “Dragster – Fueled Chain Saw (the stainless steel one in Pics) cut through that log in 1.9 sec..  Smoke’n to say the least.  You could smell the fuel, not gas…  but Dragster Stuff. Some chopping, axe throwing and log choking (cables around logs – 50lbs each) wore me out just watching it.  Skipped the log rolling as they all seem to be on “Morton Time”.

I was up all night with Allergies, meds didn't work at all.  Went through a half roll of TP chasing the “Running Nose”..
Decided enough already and after talking with a site next to mine having the same problem, I decided enough was enough, packed up and headed on home a day early.  Seems to be something in the area, trees I suspect but???

A fun trip, good experience but time to move on to the next “Down to earth Trip”.  Got tired of the Bugs, putting on the DEET mix (Off), Sun, Heat.   Did the Combine Demo Derby last year, this Logger thing and next year booking the Tractor pulls in Tri-cities for next year.

Round Trip Miles:     177 mi
Drive Time One Way:     1.9 hrs  (Hwy  WA 161 & WA-7)
Nights in “Le Droppe”:     5
 Links to the Campsites:  
Taidnapam Park (Tacoma Light & Power)  

Google Map:   Route Map