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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fallon NV RZR Riding Feb 2014

This was a good trip down to Fallon, NV for a first time "Tent Camping" and riding "Ole Nellie" on her second outing.  Jason C offered to guide me and Kelly S showed up as "Navigator".  Roads, Dry Lake bed along some sage brush trails, Wild Horses, then looking at lost/closed Mines in the mountains, visiting/looking at Sand Mountain (didn't ride) then finally up in the hills cruising through the canyons and over the hills.  Looking forward to doing to again.

Left Seattle on Feb 12th got down to Klamath Falls, OR, stayed at a Motel 6 (I believe I've out grown them now - noise etc).  Next day headed on into Fallon RV park.  The park was clean and nice, certainly had all the facilities, Gas, Propane, Store, Beer…  but it’s more for a Trailer set up not for tents.

The only spot they’d put me in was right behind the main office. Or I could pay for a full service site at about 2x the cost.  It was about 2-3 miles out of town so not bad at all.

I went for a ride with Jason guiding, on a lake bed with various trails.  It was great, got some “Air Time” and spinning around was a kick.  Not much time for pics I’m afraid.  Kelly got in around 4-ish, Dinner that night and back for the next day.  Stove didn’t work and needed some supplies at Walmart.  Temps at night c-c-cold but bag worked fine.  Getting a smaller heater.

Met at a gas station south end of town, followed some 30+ miles to staging area to find some old Mines and trails.  Unloaded, long straight road to mountains and follow the dirt roads/paths up and down the hills.  Closed mines all over the place, almost looked like Swiss Cheese.  Some steep hills to climb and deeply rutted trails.  Fun.  Able to run over the only rock Campfire ring in the area..  Stopped by Sand Mountain just to see it... Gawd, Huge... Got back to tent and it was the only thing still standing do to gale force winds in the area.  Stove/table/chairs and canopy was loose flapping in the wind.

Met at campsite after a delay, down a long dirt road to staging area, off loaded and headed out.  This was a kick, as trails led through canyons winding around and up  them.  Great views from tops of peaks, some old wreckage and for some reason Mssr Kelly kept asking why people lived out here.  After about the 10th time trying to explain, we gave up and settled on a single word "Cause".  Found following the power line trails was great.  Luckily, Jason had his GPS AND KNEW how to use it.  My 3 GPSes, were useless due to User Error.
Wind was picking up again, pack all in truck and Sunday night was a rough one.

Literally threw stuff in the back, will sort it out when home.  I discovered there are basically
2 packing modes.
Going out:
Packing very carefully, everything fits and if a 'Master Packer', will figure out the LIFO (Last In, First Out) order of packing not FILO... It does make a big difference
Coming Back:
Basically throw everything in and if the hatch closes, you’re good to go. 

Stayed at a Comfort Inn Kennewick, WA, long drive. 

Next day to ride Beverly Dunes with fellow rider, Rick, with is new Artic Wildcat.  Looks like a “Lean, Mean, Screaming Machine” and that was a blast.  My Car Nav, Garmin, succeeded in getting me lost on the back road.  I must have hit every “Alphabet lettered Road” in the Vantage Area.  Dunes were great to ride almost got stuck trying to climb a dune… heheh, started digging a hole, but luckily was able to back out.  High winds were picking up and I wanted to get home that day.

Got as far as Ellensburg and snow signs/warnings all over the place.  85 min delay just to get to the staging area, chains or AWD Traction tires required.  While I  have that, my trailer was acting a little squirrely towing and didn’t want to chance it.  Grabbed a Best Western, a Six-pac and enjoyed the night.  Next day not much better, Pass was closed for awhile so decided to drive around,  past Maryhill Winery, Vancouver along I-84 Columbia River and pick up I-5.. apx 6+ hrs… but figured better than stuck in the snow somewhere.

Great trip, looking forward to doing it again, a little more prepared as this was my first, Maiden Voyage with tent camping and long hauling with "Nellie"… so now adjusting for the next time.  Next time is a little closer, just over to Juniper Dunes, E of Pasco, WA, camping at the staging area.

Thanks to Jason for showing me/us around, guiding and Kelly for Navigation… We never left the State…heheh… looking to do it again….

Round Trip Miles:    1,580 mi, 26 hours I-90 W
Drive Time One Way:    622 mi – about 10 hours
Nights in “Tent     4:    
Links to the Campsites:  
Fallon RV Park   other nights were hotels

Google Map:   Route Map

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