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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wanapum St Pk, WA Camping Mar 2014


This was just a camping trip with "Le Droppe", it hadn't been out for awhile so time to get'er back into the Swing of things.  Just a simple "Do Nothing" camping at a place near (90min) by, but winds can be a problem.  And they were.Thurs-Sun. visited a "Poker Run" with Single/ATVs and a few S&S (Side-by-Sides) just to check it out.  They were right across the campsite way up on the hill, Wind probably had a field day.  I did get an idea of "Rigs" and liked the tan ram with the Artic Fox camper, so looking in that direction, Toy Haulers on back burner.  Then Margaritas or more accurately "Hurricanes"..  and those were brutal.  Rich P showed up so I wasn't just staring at the grass..

Good trip, good to get back out and now that the dust has settled more or less, on Nellie, I should be getting out more often.  End of month off to the Sour Dough Trail in Oregon for a Trail ride and maybe dunes on the way back, still open on that one...

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