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Monday, June 20, 2016

Middle Creek - Giant Redwoods - Carl G Washburne SP, OR - Apr 2016

El Mappo.... routing

Ft Bragg, was where I planned on starting up the coast.  MacKerricher SP Campsite.

but the good sites were all taken, and not into "Bush Camping" where you just sit and stare at some "Bushes"... no "Room with a View"

 So headed north, not really knowing what was going to lie ahead.  I just remembered seeing some camping "Icons" for NFS (National Forest Service) sites on the map.  Further up the coast there was a great place, right on the cliff.
Westport-Union Landing State Beach:

Very nice, perfect views and not busy or crowded.

No "dump n fill" stations and the water from faucet was looking pretty brown.  Ranger suggested boiling it.  Needless to say, I was pretty close be to being out of water and looking around for resources.  None...

After a few days of rationing, headed back down to Mackerricher to see what they had.  $8 for  a Dump N Fill.  Mentioned to the ranger there that the water at Westport was "ugly" next day they had someone out there taking a look-see and corrected it.  Basically just sediment, but...

Had to go into Ft Bragg for truck servicing, 15k oil light had been on for awhile.  Little did I know would be some $500 for oil, not synthetic, and fuel filters.

 Yikes, where was Jiffy Lube when you needed them.  Diesels are nice, but a little expensive to maintain.

Finished that, headed up to the Redwoods at Humboldt SP, Ave of the giants

And as everyone knows, driving thru there is really nice.  Lotsa Trees...  big trees...

Most State campsites were still winter closed, only one was open, right next to the visitor center and only a few spaces open.  Fewer more that were level and not all spots had water.  Remember, still out of water...  So pulled into a temp site, filled up and moved to the assigned site.

Lessons learned, always do a 'Dump N Fill' up before you go out.  You just don't know what's waiting or not waiting when you get there, so I now make it a point to do just that.  Second time I've been out of water and planned on it being available.  No more, thank you so nicely.

Redwoods were nice, but, Yawn, samo-samo, there's a big tree over there and another there and, OMG, look, a big tree there... heheh, so time to move on.  One night was enough.

From Humboldt to Southern Oregon, Brookings.  Nothing really exciting about there, again had trouble finding a spot, but figured it was just a one night stand, didn't really matter.

Stayed at Harris Beach SP, jammed, but found a spot. Up on a cliff, the Big Boys, coaches had all the view sites locked up, so back to the bushes.  Just had dinner, watched the news and hit the bed.  Exciting eh? heheh, not all the time.
From Harris Beach, up the coast.  As everyone knows, driving up the Oregon Coast is nice.

I started up the Coast thinking well there're plenty of State Parks along the route.  There were, but pretty much filled up with anything with a view.  Camping, Summer "BKT"s (Bugs - Kids - Traffic) had already started.

Finally found a First Come, First Served (FCFS) site at  Carl Washburn SP .

It's on the East side of the highway and an interesting walking  loop to the beach. Park it's self is " Bush Camping"  but very green and 'Forestie'.   I'm not sure why, there is no good reason that I can think of, but I didn't really like it here.

(Back door view)

 Maybe no "Room with a View"... dunno, but interesting Bush Cover trails, kinda kewl..

Beach is just a beach, sand to water.. nice to walk along, but nothing of interest.

Time to move on...

Onward and upward to South Beach, OR

Westport-Union  map

Redwoods  map

Carl Washburne  map

Gallery Pics here.