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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Red Rock to MIddle Creek, Upper Lake, CA

Nothing really exciting to report, more of a trip report from Red Rock Canyon, CA to  Reno, NV,  to Middle Creek, CA and up the coast to Oregon.

Left Red Rock Canyon SP, CA,

up Hwy 395, very nice drive, to Washoe SP (State Park).  Located between Carson City and Reno, NV.

Very nice park, like living in an Wildlife Reserve, which it is,   Quiet and peaceful and great views to the western snow capped mountains.

Had to pick up a Rx from the VA in Reno... what I figured would be 30 min at most, took 4+hrs...  I had to "Register" at that VA, they had to import all the records and military history before I had to have a consultation with a Doc/pharmacists who could "Re-prescribe" the Rx my Seattle VA PCP has already done.  Sigh, and I thought the system was improved, not so.

Left Reno, headed over to Upper Lake, CA and Middle Creek NFS (National Forest Service)  for awhile.  Rent is cheap, $4 night with the "Old Geezer's pass" as I call it...

Middle Creek, nice park,

but is a single track ORV (dirt bike trails) staging point and on the weekends can be or "IS" noisy...

I stayed there for a bit, Ran out of water and had to do  a "Dump N Fill" to a town apx 40 min away.  They had the Dump part, City Park, but no water.  Had to pay $5 to a local market/gas station to fill up with a garden hose.

I went up to another site in the area, Deer Valley as the ranger indicated I'd have phone and internet connections, top of a hill.  went up there, narrow dirt road, but like ice (mud) when wet.  Nice drive, green valley etc.  Just had to watch the overhangs at times.

Road wasn't bad except when it was. Had to use 4wd but got up there.  Pretty much isolated, no "connections" spent one night there and came back down.

Rain storm was forecasted and never would have made it down due to mud and drainage ditches.

It was time to move on.  Heading out to Ft Bragg, CA for Truck Servicing and starting up the coastal route.

Lesson's learned:

- Always do a Dump N Fill, when leaving a place for the next major stop.  You never know what's at the other end.

- Internet & Phone coverages are important for full timers. It's ok if you're just camping for a weekend and come back to "home", but the Camper is your "Home" and things popup where you need the coverages.  Also, to post a blog, heheh

- Garmin Nav, I hava "Luv-Hate" relationship going on here, I now always carry a map and have learned to study the routes more closely as you'll see in the next leg.

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