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Monday, April 18, 2016

Ice Caves & Volcano Cone - Mar 2016

Ok, so after the "Bat Caves" headed out for the Ice Caves in the upper NW corner of New Mexico enroute to Valley of Fire NV.  i skipped the Grand Canyone and Vermillion rocks, whatever they're called, as camping sites were booked full through Apr.
This is one of those things you pas on the highways and wonder just what's there.  Not quite like the "Mystery Houses" where water runs uphill, but not as grand at the "Grand Canyon" I suppose... nice to see.

Off the beaten path to the little cabin resort?.  Small fee of around $8 to help keep it going which I'll happily pay as these are the unique stops that make it all interesting and Kudos to those that try to keep'er going.  It's sad when drivng though little towns with the boarded up buildings and thinking those were the "Hopes and Dreams" of someone and finally lost.  Makes me sad driving through those places... Almost Ghost Towns.

Inside the cabin there are various rocks/relics etc.

Outside the cabin, to the north is the path to the volcano rim.  Easy to walk up even for me.  Once there, you can look down to the bottom now filled with a tree or two.  Along the way you can see the volcanic lava flows and apparently this one has the longest, 13-mil in the US.. Somehow I thought the Ape Caves in WA were longer, but? I fergit.....

Coming back to the cabin, you take the "South Trail" to the Ice Cave, just one.  Along the easy trail, you'll see  the volcanic lava flows.

Inside the little holes you'll see "Ice Patches".  Apparently the Lava is an excellent insulator and the tribes used them to keep food fresh... well, fresher..

They also used the small caves, niches, to keep warm in the winter, you'll see some walls in front of them. Interesting...

I kept seeing some familiar trees and made a note to ask, when there was a sign, 'Ponderosa Pine' which answered the question.
Once at the cave, a fairly steep walk/step down.

The blue ice just looked like the floor...  What  a great place for an ice skating rink, small one, but??? Ok, what a great beer cooler... a big one but... ?? Hmmm, how kewl is that..

It was a good stop, fun to see and yes, I'm sure there are bigger/better/colder ones, but this was nice.  As I may have mentioned before, whenever I mention a kewl place/site/location It's always commented by others,
"Well, you should see.... blah-blah-blah..." heheh, so there's allways something bigger/faster/better, nicer, and I'll make note of it, but did appreciated what I actually saw...
Fun, Next stop, Valley of Fire, Nevada for a few days...