Monday, April 18, 2016

Valley Of Fire, NV Mar 2016

While on my way from NM, Ice Cave enroute to Jumbo Rock, Twentynine Palms, CA, I figure I will stay here until everyone meets up.

It was a surprise as out in the middle of No-Mann's land, these Red Rocks appear.

Immediate first thought was Wheeeerrrrssss Freddy and Wilma... and kept looking for Dino? (heheh, I sorta missed the whole Fred Flinstone dealy).

It was a great stop, looking at the rocks.  The wind kept following me around and caught up to me here.

Since no Buggy to get around and explore, I was able to just walk the local area.

Campsites back in the rocks are kinda kewl, would be a fun place for a small group.

No hook ups at this site, 1 of 2, but the other one did have hook ups,but not quite as nice and for $10+ a night, so passed.  No cell/Wifi connections, seems to be the norm now.  You can walk across the road a bit for a maybe? 1-bar connection

Anyway, nice place to stop for a a day or three, but wouldn't want to live there.

Onward and upward to Jumbo Rocks, but..... plans changed midway... Just outside of Las Vegas.

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