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Monday, April 18, 2016

Red Rock Canyon Mar 2016

(just north or Mojave, CA)

This was a fun trip to meet up with the "Boys in da Hood" that I grew up with.  I haven't seen Bill for about some 20+ years and time before that in '67 SEA where the before photo was taken, so it was good to catch up on  everyone including the "Goon Squad" which was our High School days nickname for the group.  Funny to note, that it appears that many "found Gawd"... hmmm... might say something about our teen years.. dunno, don't care... whatever works...

Before:  Bien Hoa, VN (SEA) cira: 1967-68?

After:  Red Rock Canyon, CA Mar 2016

(I don't really notice any difference at all..  button down shirts vs T-shirts... about the only difference I see.. hehe Gawd, sigh getting old sucks big time)

Bill and Ted L have those VW Busses, but they have the special 4x4 "Syncro" ones and unfortunately to me that simply means they pretty much go anywhere off road.

We were originally going to meet at the Jumbo Rocks in Twentynine Palms.  As I was driving out of Las Vegas, a phone call changed it all to Red Rock Canyon dud to the 'Spring Breakers' taking up space, aka packed... Damn Students anyway.  It was an annual group ride and for the VW class busses and apx 12-15 showed up.
I've often driven by Red Rock Canyon but never really stopped to check it out.  Great cliff formations made out of something, clueless on what, looks like clay, tastes like clay too... so if it looks like a duck.......?


Camping, leveling was a little hard to do at their location so, chose a site right be low.  It was "Dry Camping" and Calif sure "Loves" there spots at $25 a night for dry.  Sorry, I hate Calif... heheh.

The game plan was just to explore the area and do  a campout.  While Bill and Ted were the only ones I saw that went out on the trails, the rest had a good time just 'Putzing' around, Tortoise Racing, seminar and  a hike to the top of the cliffs...  Apparently a few movies have been filmed at the canyon.  I can see why with the cliff formations.

It also has an extensive ORV area, sigh Ole Nellie/Nel , trail system and a free camping spot, Dove Springs? Whatever,  where you see the pics  of the VWs going up the sand banks.  Free camping, it would have been my choice, but with it goes the ORV crowd which isn't known for peace and quiet, so mixed benefits.

Dinners and then a campfire were the schedule for afternoons.  It was just nice sitting out in the warm arr, clear skies and catching up.

I was able to go along on several, aka the 'Only rides', and the 2nd one was to the top of some mountain, along with the Pacific Crest Hiking Trail.  I had always wanted to do PCT, but couldn't find any "reliable'" shipping sources to mail the 2 week supply packages.  It's always been on the list... heheh, and the fact that most started on Apr 1st is not missed on this 'Phool'... Coincidence? Perhaps... Maybe... but??? just say'n...heheh..

All in all, the trip was a good one and especially good to meet up with member's of the "Goon Squad" again and catch up on all the others.  The riding was fun, but as we all know... driving it is  "Mo'Funner"...  It would have been fun in "Li'l Nel"

Next stop is on the way to the coast.  heading towards Reno, NV for a stop at the VA there for Meds and then on to the Coast to start working my way up the coast.  I miss my Trees & Ocean.
One day at a time eh??


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