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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bryce ATV Rally, UT - Aug 2016

Arrived at Panguitch, UT for the Bryce ATV Rally.

While it's not really in "Bryce" I suspect because it's on the border it would be harder to call it the "Panguitch Rally".....

Pulling into town, my "Arch Nemesis", Garmin, couldn't find the address and the check-in site location wasn't signed at all that I could see.  It brings me back to the same ole thing, that People who talk/post/do/promote things, that "They" know what there're talking about, but confusing to the outsider.  It would be like me saying "Meet me at Bob's"...  Huh?? WTF-over??    I, of course meant Bob's Big Boy Hamburger drive-in in Pasadena, CA.   So through trial and error found the fairgrounds and got registered..

Registration was quick and simple and the Welcome Pack included a very helpful brochure with the trails listed, by numbers, mileage, descriptions etc...  also a neck tag with the signed up rides and times.  Very helpful..

Then headed over to the KOA about a mile south of the staging area and got set up.  Space was a little short so moved trailer to the additional parking area..

Some of the longer rides left at 8am and the rest at 9am.  Breakfast was served although I didn't jump in on that one..

Casto - 1st Ride.  
This was the best ride of the 3.

I chose as it eventually hit the "Red Rocks" of the canyon.  .

It was really nice riding the trails up and around the various hills and gullies and eventually coming through the Red Rock area.

Very nice and highly recommended.

I could have spent a long time photo-ing the area..

Lime Kline - 2nd day ride.
This one, I really had no idea of what it was about left at the 8am start time.  A longer ride, had to carry gas just incase.  .

Initially, going on the same trails as the day before then turned up in the hills. Winding over hill & dale, through valleys and pasture land with cows appearing in the most unlikely areas.

I just keep wondering, how do they round them up... Free Range is a large place.  I was told by someone, that the cows "Know" when to come back to home, dunno... but there are pretty scattered that I could see..

So it started to rain.  Rain squalls, then stops.  Rain means mud.. and Mud means a "Slip'n & Slide'n" up and down the hills.  This "Mud" was more like clay.  I could have molded a clay squirrel like in Caddyshack... but didn't.  Buggy, got pretty well caked up, a little "Dusty" as it was....

The pic is of the mud, note the clods, as they are throw-offs from buggies.

It was as slick as ice and had to go slowly down the trails and speed up trying to get up them.

A mess it was but got through it..

Laundry - 3rd day
Was a local ATV rodeo etc day at the Fairgrounds.   I had to do laundry at the KOA and catch up on stuff, so didn't go.  Apparently, along with the rain, there was a tornado down at the staging area, Fairgrounds, skipped  it..

Butch Cassidy - 4rd day  
Original ride I signed up for was cancelled and this one was modified due to weather.  

Interesting on this ride was the history of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid... apparently this was a local home for Butch, with the houses etc..

Ride was Ok, long and winding through the hills, dropped down to a small town for lunch, I brought mine, but did get an ice cream...

and then headed back toward Panguitch on a loop..

All in all, a nice riding area, Casto, was the best, Li'l Nel preformed flawlessly which is good.  Tires are getting worn and not gripping as they should be.  Not sure what the future will bring, but I have two more rides committed to, San Juan ATV in Monticello, UT and then a Moab ride 1st of Oct  with some local PNW riders.  Looking forward to that one.
(Had to canx those two rides, need to let " Li'l Nel " go... sigh, again.. this time for sure, regardless of the outcome)

Now on to La Pine via Cathedral Gorge.

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