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Monday, September 19, 2016

La Pine Site 2 - Sep 2016 - Holding...

Ok, so I'm bored, getting Antsy and thinking it's time to move on.

I'm up here, La Pine, OR, as I had a Bend, OR VA appt (PITA for something that should have been easy but that's another story)  and need to reconfigure "Stuff" as in dropping off several things that take up space in the camper/trailer and carry on the truck.  I use the Rugged Rubber Action Packers for side storage things.

Weird forms, not fitting in the Action Packers, like the stove, campfire and BBQ (dive tank) on one side,

Packers on the other.

Packers contain the backup stuff, like water hoses, battery charger and misc stuff that is needed from time to time.

I'm also in the process of a "Friendly Turn in" (whatever that means - no benefit on this end) with "Li'l Nel", the Polaris ACE 900.  I tried to do this before in March? but their signing agreement left too much to chance and income increased a little bit, being the Optimist that I apparently am, not really a good thing, I thought I might get through it.  Not so..  Like a sinking ship, I need to get rid of the overweight, $$$, items...  and income is dropping again, so off she goes, barring any further complications.


With that in mind, I need to be able to carry all the "Stuff" on the truck/camper.  Thus the reconfiguring.  I was using the buggy trailer as storage also, lazy I am.

I'm set to go down to Haslet, TX (DFW area) and do the Amazon Workforce thing till the day before Christmas.  While I don't have a firm start date, tentatively it's mid Oct. or so.  I was planning on staying here, in La Pine, till the start date, but me thinks I should just start down next week, stopping at BLM campsites (Free also) along the way.

Not sure on the routing yet, I had one route that was more direct, but if I leave earlier then I can meander around or? maybe just sit it out in the "Q" (Quartzsite AZ) dunno yet..  I have to keep an eye out for weather, snow passes, while appears to be a little too early for that concern Montana had snow at a pass, so it's coming.

Once at the Amazon shipping  warehouse, I'll be there till Christmas and then able to move on.  Not sure where to, but I'll have plenty of time for trip planning.

The only 'Good news' about this, is that it's near a Six-flags Roller coaster park, and will plan on doing that, when not doing laundry and resting up.

(Not active yet, but this one is)
I'm planning???? on doing Alaska around May or so and then down, across Canada to Newfoundland, then down through Main and try to "Knock off" all the lower 48 states..  While not planning on anything on the East coast, who knows, might even like it.

It'll be just the Camper so no hassle of towing anything.  Makes camping a lot easier and more spaces I can get into.

I'm hoping to get the Bumper/Winch set up before I do Alaska and self recovery.  I got caught once, lesson's learned.

So, with all that being said, hopefully with luck, I'll be back on the road next week, heading south...

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, La Pine on the Deschutes River, Letting "CARMEN" (see side acronyms) out for a while, but going back into storage shortly.


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