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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Panguitch to Cathedral Gorge to La Pine, OR

Panguitch to Cathedral Gorge to La Pine, OR

So leaving the KOA in Panguitch, UT, going on the 'Route less Traveled' headed over to the Cathedral Gorge to check it out.

On the way over, was surprised by the various views.

The park was well maintain, groomed sites, only electric, no water at sites, power $10 extra.  Having solar made it a non issue..

CG was pretty much empty and the sites almost level which makes it all nice.   Unusual rock/gorge formations and went exploring the following day to two..

They have 2 basic hikes, one along the sides of the wide  gorge, 4-miles and one to a overlook at the top of the gorge, apx 1/2-mile.  .

The 4-miler was ok if you like hiking in the desert, 2-miles up the gorge, 2-miles back along the other side.  Not really seeing anything new so you need to 'like' just plain ole hiking about.  Trails are clearly marked for the most part.  You follow the brown stakes and then a stream bed..

The shorter hike to the lookout at the top is the "Mo funner one".  .


Hiking up the narrower canyon was nice and the views along the way really kewl..

Hiking up some stair to the lookout, you get different perspectives of what it was..

It was a lake and it still is, during the rainy season, that actually feeds into the Colorado River..

Nice hike..


Upon leaving the CG, I had to go back down to St George for the Employment Test Amazon requires, 2-hrs each way outta of my way.  I had forgotten just how nice it is coming into St George, quite a site...  A little ticked at Amazon as they requested estimated location and dates which i gave them and they booked the test after I already went past there.  It was 4-hrs out of my way.

Was trying to make the Lehman Bat Caves in the Great Basin area.
Once in the Lehman area, there are 4 campsites, Lower/upper, one way up the mountain that is restricted in Vehicle sizes and one near the visitor center up a long dirt road.   I was too big for the "Way up one", but I did see other truck/trailers zooming up there that were longer, with motorcycle points clearing the way, it was getting late and needed to find a spot. (No pics)

Tired lower CG, only one spot available and it was like parking on the side of a mountain, uneven.  Tired the Upper, but it was closed and  luckily the maintenance guy was just closing the day area gate, I was able to turn around.

Tried  the one by the visitor center but only spot open was too short, sigh, getting dark now.  Headed back to Baker on the main road and found an RV Park that I was able to get into.  Fun Tavern right next to it, part of the complex and I was ready, 8:30pm for a beer.

Next day drive over to Illipah Reservoir, NV, just west of Ely by 30-miles.

It's Labor Day weekend and wasn't sure on how crowded the campsite would be.  I was about half full and lucked out with a campsite with a view of the water..


Not bad, but windy.  Very windy.

I was hoping to be able to set up the BBQ but too windy.  Even with the shelters it was blowing....

Next day, broke out the small BBQ, SCUBA tank, and seemed to work ok, didn't blow out the flame.  So, "Tube Steak" it was just to make sure it worked ok.

Then off to La Pine, via Jackpot, NV.. haven't been on that road yet... A lot longer drive and I got off late, which seems to be the trend now-a-days... so got the Twin Falls, ID area and called it quits for the day, luckily found a KOA and got their last spot...  One lesson I've learned from the "Le Droppe" (Tear Drop) days is that KOA and McDonalds are your friends... may not be the best things, but most are dependable and reliable to use.

Currently at Fall River, Bend, OR sitting it out..

Amazon WorkForce sometime in mid Oct I suspect.  Getting ACE prepped for it's retirement and sitting tight until heading to Haslet, TX.  Might head over to the "Q" (Quartzsite) if it's cooled down a little to break up the trip.

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