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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bon Voyage Le Droppe - New Home

Ok, so another Chapter in the ‘WTF is he doing now’, closes.
The Sun has set upon “Le Droppe” as I was able to find her a new home.

I am now feeling how the “Empty Nestors” feel as an “Empty Garage-or”, the garage is now empty and it’s sorta weird.  Nothing to do, nowhere to go.   Temporary, rest assured.

As the Sun Set upon “Le Droppe” it rises, albeit early, on a new chapter for ORV Camping and Riding.

Next stop, “The Beast” (truck) in July/Sept… with luck…

Good by My Lady, and thank you for some true adventures…

I tried to send her off with the "3 Essentials for camping" 
1. Campfire (starter brick, too old to rub sticks together)
2. Cast Iron pan (see handle sticking out)
3. A Wee Bit'O Bubbly to sit around the campfire...