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Monday, March 16, 2015

Prineville, OR and 'Le Droppe's" last trip together.

This was a bitter sweet trip in that it was “Le Droppe”, my ‘08 Camp Inn 550 Tear Drop, last trip together.  Luv’d this TD, it’s so easy and practical to use.  But have to make way for the next level, Truck/camper rig.

Anyway, tripp’n down to Prineville for several reasons.

-  Attend and Off-Road (ORV) mapping/track waypoints class sponsored by the US Forest Service in Oregon.  ORV Friendly and supportive. Central Oregon SXS

-  Check out moving to the Bend area, not sure exactly where yet, but apx 2yrs down the line.  Looking at a Land/Cabin package, but 5+ acres with a Mfg home will work.  It’s not like I’m go to live in it for the next 20+ yrs.

The Prineville Reservoir is a great place to camp if not crowded.  It’s about 30 min back into Prineville.  Wind can pickup if on the camping bluff, I was in C-19.  Spaces are close so summer time might be pushing the quiet level.  Good if you have a group going..

A good trip, cut a little short due to a storm coming in, rain & wind, not fun when working together.  Was going to drive the John Day area, Hwy 19 through the Fossil beds, but got pressed for time due to weather.. Next time..

Putting ‘Le Droppe’ on the market this week or so, getting it detailed out first.
S'long my good friend...

Bitter Sweet Fun .