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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Truck Decision - finally

Ok, after many angonizing "Back n Forths" and pestering the hell out of a few people, I've finally decided on the truck

2015 RAM 5500 Diesel Dually Tradesman Cab/Chassis
9'6"Long Flat bed,  4x4,, Dual Alt 440amps, Front bumper/Winch

Why a 5500? you ask?

Short answer is I simply got tired of going back and forth 3500/4500/3500/4500 and said to hell with it, let's do the 5500 and be done with it. And now we are.  While it's a bit "Over Kill" that's ok as it's much worse Swaying/Sagging/Slugging up a hill and wishing I had gone to the next level.  Been there, done that.  Done!!! just waiting till late Summer for ordering/delivery or on lot. (sorta like below)

Now that the Truck part is out of the way, I'm still going Knutts in wanting to get out there and start "Roaming" again.  Soooooo... with that in mind.... next step is???

Prepping and selling "Le Droppe" (Tear Drop Trailer - TD).  I have one more trip to Oregon and once back, will look for a "Detailer" to get it all spiffed up without the decals and put it on the market.
Due to the quality of the Camp Inns, it shouldn't take long, a few weeks if that.  But how am I going to Camp?? you ask?  (mann you ask a lotta questions for a reader)
Well, motels for trips until I get the Arctic Fox 990 camper hopefully first of next year.  Maybe a tent, but thinking those days are gone.  Wanna buy a good tent?

When the TD sells, I'll be able to get  the Truck, aka 'The Beast', in Summer followed by a new 2016 Polaris ACE.  Then I'll be back, sorta, to riding again and being able to get out there, motel camping if necessary.

This is good news for me as I was thinking all this to happen by end of year.  Now able to move up by 6 months.

So, there we have it  

Ps. Note the Blog name changed to "Roam'n ROG"  
ROG for either "Retired Old Geezer" or ".... Goat"... take your pick.

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