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Monday, October 3, 2016

Medicine Lake (Lava Beds), CA - Sep 2016

Medicine Lake

From the Lava Beds, a short 1-hr+ drive to Medicine Lake, Shield Volcano, on a paved small road.

I had my rig washed in La Pine to get rid of all the "Talcum Powder Dust" and wasn't about to hit a dirt road again.. so I was a little wary of doing it.

Checking Google Maps/Earth  and looking closely, magnifying the road, you can sorta see the center line stripes which indicates a paved road.  It's slow one, winding up into the forest which is nice.

Apx 30-mph so it seems like a longer drive.  Some hard oiled Gravel, but no dust/dirt, not a problem.

There are 3 campsites right next to each other, and like the 3 bears story, each one is a little different.

First one,  is probably better for smaller rigs and tents.  A sign is posted stating that.

A.H. Hogue
Second one,  is a little hilly, nice lake view spots but for smaller rigs too and a little uneven. I could fit the camper (24') w/o the trailer but uneven.

Interior spots are available for a little larger rigs, like mine, 42' (w/buggy trailer).

Medicine Lake
Third one,  is flatter and more spots along the lake front and many interior spots to.  It's where I camped.

The lake is not really close, maybe 100 yards or so, with a beach.  Nice view.

 Last few days has been windy, no dust and it does keep the bugs away.  Temp running around 54F at noon.

All in all, a nice spot, no internet/WiFi (Verizon Jetpack) and limited DISH due to the trees.  Limited as I was able to get 2-3 stations, but that's about it.  That will do it for me, so heading out tomorrow, Sat... and hopefully will find a campsite over at Lassen.

I'm finding more and more that I miss the internet/DISH connections along with the Solar ability (no trees) so unless there's a real reason like "Two Busty Blondes in a Ferrari", I'll move on. Been there, Done that one.....
Off to Lassen Volcanic Park.

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Medicine Lake