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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lassen to Haslet, TX - Oct 2016

Not much on this one other than documenting the trip, long haul, to the Amazon Workforce in Haslet, TX

I will be, am currently, staying at the A+ RV Park, Alvord, TX apx 45 min from Amazon Till the day before Christmas.

Left Lassen

and headed to Washoe Lake State Park, NV.  

I like Washoe, quiet, and it’s like camping in a wildlife sanctuary.  Lake was dry or filled with Dehydrated Water..  

I’ve stayed here before and it’s a nice stop over for a day or two between Reno and Carson City, NV off of Hwy 395.  Sort of a PITA having to go through Carson, no side routes that I saw.
Got a little snow dusting during the night.

Off to Yosemite Village area for a quick overnighter and revisit the area… Sigh, what a mess Yosemite Village was.  Very nice drive coming in the East entrance through the Tuolumne Meadows, Big Rocks. Heheh… Waved to all the PCT Through Hikers, Heyya Dudley's Spirit, the ones running a little late,  not too crowded on the highway.

Coming into the Village area was the exact opposite.  What a mess it was.  Traffic, people all over the place, construction and all campsites were full.  

(All  campsites were FULL - no place to camp)
Tent city and restrooms had button combination locks for campers only.  Spent 30-min trying to figure out what to do and left.

I figured I’d find the nearest campsite outside, South, of the park, Garmin listed a KOA, dependable, It wasn't KOA, but arrive apx 8pm, night, closed and wanted $50 night.  Pretty full, big park, figured I’d drive another 30mil and find a Walmart.

‘Garmined’ - “Shopping-Walmart” found several, went in to ask, ‘Sorry, can’t park here, but there’s one several miles up the road where you can.”.. Drove to that one, “Sorry, you can’t….” searched the “Free Camping” app and noted a COSTCO that allowed RV Overnighters, according to map… and hit that one.  Only one there, so sorta slept with one-eye-opened.  No issues, fueled up in the early morning and then headed to Sequoia Nat’l Park for the Trees.  I”ve never been there.

A quick drive, apx 2 hrs and plenty of spaces.  
This was how I was expecting Yosemite to be.
Wasps were out, but weather was nice.

I did a quick hike around the area, to the little village and down to the Big Trees…


Trees, massive and stocky.  Not Tall like the Redwoods, these ‘Twigs” are thick and you can see why they’ve lasted so long.

I Ccouldn’t really tell which tree was the premier one, but they were all great.

(Inside a burned out tree, big Ole Boy)

Nice, stayed one night and had to move on to Furnace Creek Death Valley.  I like to take the “Off the Beaten Paths” roads when I can and while one road I couldn’t take due my length, apx 42’, as the road was too narrow and sharp curves, they have the signs.  I was able to take a similar road and while it was doable, it was curvy and slow.  Nice for a few turns, but got a little tiresome. Hands moving the steering wheel pretty much all the time, as in 15mph turns, tight.  I figured Garmin would get me out, hehehheh, and we all KNOW how that goes.

Anyway, nice slow drive on a narrow road,  and the hills were all covered with a golden straw which was nice.
(Hwy 180>195>178.395>190 into Furnace Creek, Death Valley)

Driving down into Death Valley was nice…  Like going into another world.  I was looking around for all the “Weird Stuff” but didn’t really see anything, rock formations etc that stood out.

Camped out, one night at the Nat’l Park just north of Furnace Creek.  

Luved the “Below Sea Level” elevation.  

I used to SCUBA Dive a lot, in Seattle, WA and still will for Tropical, and yes, a "WWW Diver" (Warm Water Wussy) now, but being down to -191 (that's minus) feet below sea level was so Trimix gas (never did it), no short bottom time, no decompression stops… and felt good…  fun… and, I might add, warm...

On to the “Q” Quartzsite, AZ for an overnighter.  It was starting to fill up a little on the BLM areas, but the town was pretty much closed. No propane at the usual stops, not opened yet or closed on Sat…   

(previous pic at the "Q" amazing sunsets there)
On to the next stop, not really sure where, but trying to make El Paso.  I had mapped out a different route earlier, but it was getting close to the Amazon start date for orientation and wanted to get there a day or two ahead of time to settle in.

(Note Fog on the hills, I always think that's kewl - Like the movie "The Fog"  Adriene!! Where are you)
Rolled into El Paso area, Anthony, TX, looking, again for the KOA… I misread the signs and went some 2 miles west of highway into Narrow dirt roads in the town at night… sigh…  I got lost, but that's because I'm GOOD at it. 

The KOA is fairly new and a little tricky to get to.  


Finally found it, right behind the Camping World store..  

(Camping World, you can see it from the Freeway, CG is right behind it - back side of CW)
Nice clean efficient campground, gravel, no trees.. Good for an overnighter after a long drive…. Sigh, if you know where it is..

Next day, figured I’d make it to Alvord, TX, but Texas is bigger in real life than on the Google Maps.

I grabbed another KOA in Abilene, TX as I’d have, to pay for the A+ site if i got in too early.   It was a nice park and lucky to get a spot as they were just closing and limited. Sort of balanced the drive out and made for an easier one the next day.  Plus, it was getting dark and I hate going into a dimly lit park at night. I usually manage to park on the children's playground or run over some utility posts going the wrong way.. C'est la vie.....

Following Garmin’s lead, got into the A+ (plus) RV Park around 3pm or so.  Lot longer trip than I’d planned.

So, here we are. Camped at the site and settled in.  

Amazone FC (Fulfillment Center) - Big... over 1,100,000 SQFT..
I took a test drive the next day just to make sure i was going to the right spot.  I was, but have to plan on traffic on the 2 lane roads off the Freeways.  Freeway was clear and easy, apx 45-min total, longer than I would have thought but, Oh Well…

Did the orientation, and start Sat 15th, today for me typing this, for weekend night shifts, Sat-Tue nights with Wed a mandatory OT when scheduled.  6:30 to 5am 10 to 11-hr days…

First week went OK, luckily only 5-hr shifts (15-min break, but takes apx 4-min to rest areas and and back) and that was a good thing. Not sure how the 10-hr days will go... Each time I have to go, I just think, this ain't gonna work... now on the 3-day off time resting for next shift week on Sat. Sigh, I dunno...

We’ll see just how long this will last, not hopeful at all… and certainly not looking forward to it…

The good news, if there is any, is that I'd like to do the following
Six Flags - roller coaster type rides
Stockyards - apparently good to
Winstar Casino - Worlds Biggest

Till something changes, here till Christmas.  Might try doing the Gulf, Houston, afterwards, just to do it.. We’ll see.,

(Westport, CA, really liked this place, miss the ocean now.  Not current location unfortunately)