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Monday, October 3, 2016

Lava Bed Nt'l Monument, Ca - Sep 2016

Lava Beds Nat'l Monument

Holy Bat Caves, Batman... I 'Lava' to see these. (sorry)

500,000 Years ago, " ...A Long, long, Time Ago " The earth erupted here and layer upon layer of flows created the "Lava Tubes" much like the Ape Caves in WA.
 Can you say "Caves".....

Apparently there are some 700 different tubes with some 500 explorable.  That's a lotta caves to explore.

I took the "Quick N Easy" one, 'Mush Pot' right next to the Visitor Center, but there is a short drivable Loop to take for some  16 more caves from Least Challenging walking standing up  to Most Challenging duck walking, take your pick.  Visitor Center supplies lights n helmets to use.   They've really done a great job over there.

They really did a great job in setting the cave up...

Lighted smooth walk way.  Lights come on when you get close so it looks like a dark hole as you approach the next section.

History:  Modoc War
Wow....  What a shame and applicable to today's Political Climate.
The Modoc Native American tribe had been here  for sometime, oh I dunno apx 10,000 years before we came.  We kicked them out, sent them to Klamath Falls area and then due to poor living conditions the Modocs  came back and were eventually killed, off, hanged  or relocated to Oklahoma... Geesh... also, only war that a US General, Canby, was killed.  Sixty Modocs held off apx 1000 troops an volunteers, for a while.

Indian Well is a nice campground for an over night or two stay.  Spaces are smaller and parking along side the campsite.  While fairly level, some sites are just for Tent Camping.  My rig w/trailer is 42' and you can see it didn't quite stay within the white markers, but was more out of the way than not.  Able to park there, but tight.

Campground was apx 85% full when I got there, but appears most were overnighters as the next day/morning, pretty much empty.  Very convenient for the local caves.

Able to walk to visitor Center.  No Water/power/Hookups, Water spigots are around

NOTE:  "White-Nose Syndrome = The Deadly Invader"
This is serious stuff in that it's killed literally millions of Bats which as we know, help eliminate bugs.  Transported from Europe by humans, the disease can spread by clothing/shoes/cameras etc.. so if you're going, check in with the Visitor Center is a must.  Especially if you've been in other caves.

On to Medicine Lake, the Shield Volcano.  Hot times in the old town tonight eh?

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