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Monday, October 3, 2016

Lassen Volcanic NP, CA - Oct 2016

Lassen Volcanic NPS

So next on the route towards Haslet, TX is the Lassen Volcanic National Park (NP) in  NE Calif.

Heretofore quite unknown.  I mean when growing up as a child, still trying to 'Grow up', we used to 'do' Hwy 395, Susanville all the time enroute to Priest Lake, ID for Summers.

Not many pics on this section, just campsites and then on the road out.

Didn't have a clue then about all the Volcanic areas, Oregon/No Calif.  I'm on a role here... I feel like "Spock", a "Vulcan-oligist"

Ended up after 2 nights at Medicine Lake and headed down a back road and not the way I was planning.  It was paved, so onward and upward since the Nefarious Ms. "Garmin".. heheh, sigh....  didn't block  it as  a "Dirt Road"...  so down the road I went as it was going in the right direction, sorta...

Road was just "Like" a dirt back-road, but paved.  Narrow, sometimes one lane and very little traffic, mostly car campers and fishers.  Very nice going through the forest, it was like a paved path,  and seeing the lava rock flow  despite the distance from the main culprit. Big flows,  there were.

Eventually got to the main entrance, thinking there would be a "Visitor Center" but just some kiosks with panel info.

Park entrance station was closed (30-min)  so went right on through, missing the turn in to the actual visitor center.  I did check in the center a little further way up the road, just before the turn off to Manzanita Campground, 4- loops.  Asked about registration with the "OGP" (Old Geezer/Goat's Pass) and was advised if you just put it on the dash, should be ok (according to the park ranger there)

Several campsites in the park area, but the Manzanita, right turn just past the Center, was the recommended campgrounds for my rig as the other 2RV sites were closed and the rest were more for Tents.

Manzanita has 4 loops, A-B-C-D, "D" being tents only.   Most are under trees, one or two with sunlight for solar.
Not impressed. And $24 for a 'Dry' site is a little pricey.

Seems like the campground is geared more towards "Car Camping w/Tents"  short spaces, uneven, hard to get into.  The picture on the payment kiosk about sums it up..

 It's mainly geared for Car/station wagon camping.  There are a few spots that larger trailers can fit, I just barely did and a few pull through semi-circles.  While they say somewhere, it's a FCFS (First Come, First Served) there were a lot of sites with "Reserved" and or "By reservation ONLY"...

 "One Holers" (Out Houses) apparently have been replaced by flush toilets...  so that's good.  Place looks old and pretty well beaten up.  It was hard to find a "Doable" spot for the rig with trailer.  Just barely fit.

Next day, doing the auto tour, just one road through the park,  and head to Washoe, NV to the wild life area.  Suppose to snow here tomorrow, Sunday but I should be out of there by then.

Left early to beat the snow storm coming and just made it.

I was able to get a nice pic of Lassen but that was about it.

There were some stops further down the road, but due to weather and viz, unable to get the shots...

On to Washoe, NV.  Nice park but no real pics as it's already posted from a previous trip there.  I like it...
Next pics will probably be Yosemite, CA... if I find something worthwhile to shoot.

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Lassen Pics (really just the campsite, nothing exciting)