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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Camp-out - Lopez Island, WA

Just a weekend relaxed camping at the Beach. Love Lopez.  

Went to the Spit on the other side, but mainly just sat on the beach like bumps on a log, watching the ferry go by...
We used to dive it, but Sigh, old age and not wanted to break and ankle climbing over the rocks makes it just a "Relaxing" trip watching the ferries go  by.

Dove the bay there, not much there, just like a "Moonscape".  Rocks on the side were pretty barren when not covered by Kelp.  Just not worth dragging/cleaning/rinsing gear for a Moonscape dive.

3/27/2013 Frank's OTRA - Lopez Island, WA

Round Trip Miles: 200 mi
Drive Time One Way: 2.8 (ferry ride and wait time)
Nights in "Le Droppe": 3
Google Map: Route Map 
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