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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Zion & Bryce Canyon, Utah


Visit Bryce and Zion canyon parks. No hiking, just driving around, was nice but not mind blowing as I would have thought.

Game plan was to meet Kelly S at the KOA campsite in Cedar, UT and explore the two canyons.  It's a big place and nice to see the formations and colors.  A little driving around though and seeing the "Lava Flow" right up to the road was amazing.  

Campsite was excellent in that it was centrally located, clean, right next to town for ease of use and near the freeway for traveling along.  Did a loop from the north end to Bryce and then back across the hills to Cedar.  Nice, but long.

I'd go back but hit the Eastern side which I believe is the better side of the two.  At least we "Knocked" this side off the list, once is enough unless I got out to hike it.  Then maybe a different story.  Especially at Zion up the streams...

Photo Gallery Here 

Miles:   2220 apx 

Drive Time One Way:   12.5 hrs
Nights in "Le Droppe":   10 nights
Google Map:   Route Map 
Links to the Campsites: 
Cedar City 
(Two other ones can't remember - Twin falls, down in a gully, quite nice easy to miss and one on the way back, fergit)

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