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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

PNW Tear Drop Group Meeting

This was the 3rd Annual Camping trip of Tear Drop Trailers.  A great group.  Train ride was a highlight.

Four day weekend trip down to the Morton, WA area at Tacoma L&P Mossyrock Park. 
I drove down the inside passage and other than strip center traffic was a very nice trip through the green valleys, winding around on a 2 lane highway.

Camped in the Tent area off to the left of the park, just grass and tables, pit toilets.
Went on the Train ride, would recommend the Cab Ride, apx $75 going up so you can experience the power and fire flashes and watch the Engineer and Fireman/Tender control the beast.  You go up, pretty scenery to the train depot station, cruise around on foot to the maintenance sheds and back down.  ride is about 40 min or so.

Then back for fun and games, campfire and "Green Box" (aka pot lucks).
Weather was good, no rain, no wind, too much sun.

7/25/2013  Frank's OTRA  PNW Tear Drop Campout at Mossyrock, WA

Round Trip Miles:     206 mi
Drive Time One Way:     2.15 hrs
Nights in "Le Droppe":     3
Google Map:    Route Map 
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