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Sunday, August 4, 2013

DAM Meet - Mt Shasta, CA

Crater Lake. Got to Mt Shasta, left after 20 min, too hot-buggy-dry-crowded. rerouted to Klamath Falls, Crater lake was the highlight.

Hmmmm.... Well, the best laid plans of mice & men...

It's just me, I know, I know, but after driving 10hrs from Seattle to Antlers a quick drive round about the loops and I KNEW this wasn't going to work. Luckily I met up with Sarah and Joan but alas, eventually they tried to convince me but didn't work.

After about 20-min driving around the park, aside from knowing the fellow Camp Inn campers - I left. Just couldn't see any reason to stay, not my Cup O' Tea.. min 2-6 TDs per site, mosquitoes (Sarah found those little buggars...) Wasps, dirt/dust/ hot, just not going to work. Left after about 20 mun, headed and stayed at Klamath Fall KOA which was actually nice. My thinking is KOAs are good during the OFF season.  Sort of like McDonalds, mostly clean and you know what you'll get.

After KOA (today driving for Wed was 13 hrs headed up to Palisades Park that Bob & Kathy suggested. Saw it, different name and Garmin kept saying it's .4 miles.. continued on, marina... along the river, crossed the bridge, up to the closed Deschutes park, back down a river, single lane bridge (and yes, I was getting my doubts Garmin knew where it was) back up to the butt, end up along a dusty=dirt road for about a mile and finally sunk in. Never use the GARMIN to pinpoint a state park. It shows you the center of the 20-SqMilesk miles of the park itself. went back to the park found a spot and tried to figure out what was taken or not. Figured I'd just stay to Sun when I actually had a RSVP. Sigh... I was also off a day, thinking it was Wed.. bottom line, stayed one night, now up at Maryhill SP and enjoying it. 2-3 days, not sure yet, but warm, grass open spaced... sweet...
So, I certain everyone had a good time, jut not my Cup O'Tea...

5/1/2013 Frank's OTRA DAM gathering Mt Shasta, CA

Round Trip Miles:   1176 mi appx (rerouted back via Klamath Falls)
Drive Time One Way:   9.8 via I-5
Nights in "Le Droppe":   3 nights
Google Map: Route Map 

Links to the Campsites: