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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Divide Bridge, MT to St Anthony's to Rock Springs, WY

Head'n South, eventually to Taylor Park, Colorado, via Steamboat Springs, CO.
This is the first leg.

So I'm sitting here (as I wrote this) in Divide Bridge NFS campground, near the river,

but not able to see it, wondering if the world has come to an end. heheh, i.e. meaning no cell phone, no internet which I don't like to be without, internet at least. DISH works ok, limited to no use when storms move in.

I keep forgetting what day the days are, so arriving on a weekend, Sat, campground was full, to be expected, Duh!!.. went into the "Overflow" area.  I like the open spaces for Solar and DISH so it wasn't too much of a problem, but a little dry and not much of a view.

I've been carrying around Baby Back Ribs I was hoping to have a BBQ with Robin back in Missoula, but didn't work out, so needed to cook'em up;...

 Last BBQ with ribs, Phil and Linda at Deschutes River, OR happened to have turned out well.

Ummm not so well.
Mosquitoes were out, so I stayed inside and not really able to monitor the temps on the BBQ.  It was flaring up, temps from 250 to 750f, think Charred Ribs...

Pretty much like charred burnt toast.  You an scrape off the the charred part, but it's just not the same... threw'em out and luckily no "Guests" to see/eat them.
Lessons learned, clean BBQ and put foll underneath... with Water spray bottle just in case.  (I wish I had taken photos, but...)

Now just sitting waiting to get back to wifi range and get updated in the Race in Columbus or head on down to St Anthony's, NOT on  a weekend.

The campsite itself is ok.

Greener side is better but a little busy on the weekends.

(River side, apx 3 sites on the river, sorta)

River side, sorta, 3 spots? was filled and guessing for long term.  Just have to be lucky I would guess.

Race in Columbus didn't appear to be working out, so made a Bee-line to St Anthony's Sand Dunes, St Anthony, ID

St Anthony's was more of a "Fam trip" (Familiarization Check out).

Riding out there by self can create some unnecessary problems, like getting stuck in sand, going down a dune 'Cliff' and other hazards that only happen when one is 'Solo' driving, so just cruised around to get a general idea of what it's all about..  It's just a PITA to walk out.

I can see why it's so popular, and of course, I got the wrong campsite, but the Egin Lake was crowded so maybe not so bad.

I thought I had a  pic, I couldn't have planned it better to get under the adjacent farm's irrigation sprinkler... nice car wash at 5-am and it's not a "Light Drizzle" under those sprinklers.  I did consider turning around for the other side the next day..

I try to go down backroad or routes not taken in the past and while it may take a little longer, it can be a better drive than down some multi laned highway.

The other side is that usually it's a two laned road, buppy and slower.  In this case I was heading for Jackson, WY.

and along the river... fergit which one

Went through Teton and was amazed at the growth.  Most smaller towns are turning into ghost towns and it's really sad to go through them, but Teton has newer huge log cabins, shopping stores, an revitalized community it appears.  Old money I guess... nice to see.

I skipped doing Yellowstone and the Teton parks due to Summer BKTs.  Went through Jackson and jammed.  My route was to head over to Pinedale, WY.

 While I no longer "Trust" my "Arch Nemesis Garmin" I now make a list of main cities and the HWY # I should be on.  Coming out out Jackson, WY, I saw some signs saying HWY 191 closed.

It looked like an older sign and couldn't believe, heheh, I'm a guy, right?, it should be opened, right?, and proceeded down the 'Yellow Brick Road" toward Pinedale. 10 miles down it, another sign, "ROAD CLOSED"... pulled off to try to find an alternative, but seeing cars/trucks going past me and coming out of there, so wondering WTF?? should I go on?? or turn around and reroute a lot longer way.

Just as I was about to turn around a yellow state utility truck was pulling up.  Road is just NOW OPEN... heheh, whew... lucky on that one.

Drove on as planned, tried to get some pics, they, fire fighters, have their work cut out for them.

On main section burning, but then driving a few miles on you could see small individual smoke plumes and truck observing.

Finally got down to the KOA at Rock Springs, WY for a "Dump N Fill, Laundry day"  2 nights, weak wifi and jammed in parking.  Good spot for an Overnighter which is what it's for.  Walmart a mile down the way.

Once everything was done, next day headed out to "Firehole" in the "Flaming Gorge" Nat'l Rec area. on the water.  (heheh, Gawd, the Map-Maker-Namer was probably smiling on that one, funny)

I intend to hit several of the numerous parks along the "Flaming Gorge", heheh sorry, but I laugh every time,  apx 2-3 days each spot with pics to follow.

Unfortunately, no internet so not sure when all this will go up.  Heading over to Steamboat Springs area and then down to Taylor Park for the SxS Rally..

I'll do a separate post on the "Flaming Gorge"..

Divide Bridge Campsite - Pics
St Anthony's Sand Dunes, ID - Pics

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