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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Shelton to Last Chance to Mackay, ID

Onward and upward to Mackay, ID I go...

'Hit the road Jack, and Don't you come back no mor', no mor' '

Left Shelton, Bill and Gang had mechanical problems and couldn't make it.  I was trying to make Challis, ID , but just got slow, seems to becoming a normal thing nowadays..  Have been trying to be "on the road" by 10-am but just doesn't seem to work out.

Getting later in the afternoon, pulled into another spot, Phillip Lake and just West of Baker City, OR.  Pretty much full due to the 4th of July crowds so only able to stay one night which was fine.

Next day on to next stop, unknown and dependent upon mood at the time.  I drove through several NFS (National Forest Service)  sites, but not really looked like much besides 'Bush Camping' (staring at a bunch of bushes) so pressing on, saw a sign saying "Last Chance", an Omen??,  heheh, it was getting in the late afternoon, so made the turn.

Dirt/gravel road for 2 miles, missed the entrance, narrow road, can't turn around, went another 3 miles, "Garmin" showed a loop to turn around on and coming to the spot, immediately disappeared leaving me hanging.

I Found a n' up the bank' turnout, so used that.. not easy, backed up and forth, 6" gain,  many times to gain turning radius.  Other side of road is a sharp drop off.  Kids, don't do this at home.  (found out later that the road goes all the way to Goose Lake, where there is, assumed, a turn around.. but looked like about another 5-miles and road was getting narrow.  It was a "What to do, what to do" monent).  I chose to turn around as trying to back up with the trailer would be a real PITA.

Last Chance Campground,  was ok, crowded due to weekend, 4th, but found a doable site.

Site is near a stream, but only a few sites can view it.  I should have off loaded the ACE, but parking was limited.   The good news was that i was finally able to meet my good friend's, Kelly Smith - RIP,  sister who was kind enough to ride up and say hello...  good to meet her finally, thanks Shannon.  I stayed there for 2 nights.

After leaving Last Chance, I was still a day early so did the long drive  to Challis and stayed at the Pioneer Rv park.  Nice and clean, good for an overnight stop or two, I took two as I needed to do laundry.   launderette was so-so, and not really impressed at all.  Have to learn to just put in one quarter, let it run for a minute or so and put hand on the glass door to feel the heat.  No heat, it's no good.

Left there, hit the truck wash, self wash but a PITA and better to have it professionally done.  While a little more $$$ apx $30 for the truck and camper, $10 more for the buggy trailer, it's a lotta work in trying to get the bugs off the front.  My opinion, let the pros do it.

Arrived in Mackay, ID for the Lost River Rally. (see next blog)