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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Flaming Gorge, WY

After doing general maintenance at Rock Springs, WY and resupplied via Walmart, I headed down to the
Flaming Gorge area.

Its a large dammed up lake/reservoir with boating allowed in a canyon.  Desert like, warm, sagebrush,  and rock formations..

First stop, apx 40 min from Rock Springs KOA and turn off is the same.

Nice drive through the area, winding 2 lane road eventually came to the site.

A little hard to back in and the sites are "Shared" as in, I'm told, there are older 'Tent Camping' sites so shared parking with walled picnic tables.

Luckily, not crowded so getting a close neighbor would be rare.  Road is narrow and again, not really suit for RV or my rig with a trailer.

Tried one spot, but trees a little too low and dented the DISH antenna bubble as it was just grinding when the antenna was turned on.  Well, Krap.. hehheh.   So I climbed up with a rubber hammer and screwdriver to take it off and pound the Krap out of it.  Once up there, no easy task, little awkward, got up there and discovered the bubble dome was a stiff pliable vinyl-plastic and I was able to "Pop it out" with hand.  kewl... now working well..  Lessoned learned.  Whew...

Rock formations are sorta kewl... and with the water there makes it nice.  A little windy and warm, current temp is showing 95F but not correct, more like 80 right now, morning.  Will explore it in a bit, has a beach and a marina near by.

While rattlesnake warnings were posted, I didn't see/hear any while walking down the middle of the roads.. heheh, eyes sharp...

Short trail down to the water front.  There were posting saying "NO ATV riding" so didn't bother to off load buggy.  However, another camper was saying it was OK to ride... dunno... just didn't offload, no real need to.  So, hiking down to the "Local's Beach" nearer to campsite, peeps had their jet skis in the water.

Hot and sunny out, walked long the shoreline to the "regular beach" which was nice.

Along the waterfront to the main beach area, road gets you there.

Regular Beach, one-holers available,

smooth water.. when wind isn't blowing that is.

water was fairly clear, at low tide...
(jk - no tide, but water level under those 'Dam' Controls... adjusts accordingly as to the waves)

easy directions.. but of course, "I don't need no Stink'n Directions"... I'm a pro at getting lost, don't need no help...

More at the Gallery Pics but leave it to say, the views were pretty kewl.

Sunsets,  were nice too..

More Gallery Pics

Next stop, Buckboard Crossing, West side of lake.

Buck Board Crossing:

I'm here now, as I post this.  Not impressed, basically a weeded campground, hot and no "Room with a View"...

I do see some "Boonie" camping across the inlet and will be checking it out tomorrow.

Buck Board was a bust.. as noted, not much here unless you're launching a boat.

 I was surprised that they were charging some $20 for dry camping and an additional $6-10? bucks for a dump n fill... with a credit card kiosk no less.

While convenient, not used to it.

Seems like the NFS is turning the parks over to the commercial side, American Leisure and they're kicking up prices along with add-ons..

Then down to Lucerne campground

I wanted to do Lucerne for at least one night just to get a feel for it.

A fairly new park with power but didn't see any water at the loop, A, I was in.. big park and dry loops at the back.

Biggest "Issue" was that you had to go down, find your spot and then walk/drive back to the front station to pay.

From the A-loop, it'a about 1/2 mile...  they should have pay posts at each loop, just doesn't make sense.

I lucked out and got a nice spot, actually, Primo-spot, overlooking the water although at a distance.  There was a path leading down to the beach... not sandy, but small rocks...  water looked clear.

Stayed one night and then moved on towards Manila, UT.. heheh, where'd that come from...

and on up the hill to the Canyon Rim campsite in the Red Canyon complex.

Red Canyon, UT/CO

Leaving Lucerne, I went through Manila, UT and started the climb to the Red Canyon, still part of the Flaming Gorge area.

This was really nice and the view were "Like Awesome Dude"

It's quite a drop off, 1700ft, and the color were very nice.

Visitor center was closed, no biggie, but the little trail leading to the edge provided some great views. (Parents, watch the kids heheh, it's long way down)

There is a campsite right at the visitor's center, but appears a little rough and mainly for tent/small trailer camping.

I stayed over, apx 3 mi, at the Canyon Rim campgrounds with limited big rig sites.  Found one and very nice.

Walking distance to the "Rim with a View"

There's a little trail running along the Rim

With several look-out stations.

It's quite a drop, hate to have  to pick up the morning newspaper.

Time to leave, heading towards Craig and eventually to Taylor Park for the SxS Rally.

Gallery Pics here