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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Missoula, Mt - Brother (Bro) meetup - Jul 2016


Finally met up with my older brother in Missoula, Mt.  He move here from Seattle, WA apx 8 yrs ago.  As an avid life long since Teen, Fly-Fisher - Catch N Release, and now photog, his annual two Trips to Alaska and local Missoula photos shooting,
RobinsNaturePics on Smug Mug,
he's keeping pretty busy..


We met for an early dinner and recapped old times.

Next morning, met with his "Daily coffee group" of locals for coffee and donuts and betting on who's going to do what before the next meeting.
Fun group...

We then went out to the National Buffalo Range, Robin's haunt, for some photo shots.

Looking at this, (my shot)
(So I can safely say, "Look at the 'Rack' on that one" without recourse)

(Just big Ole Cows with fur coats)

While after the 10th Buffalo I saw at Yellowstone winter/snow shoot, several years ago, I just look at them as "Cows with a Fur coat", so not much interest in them.  Got some pics, but more important was just making contact.

We both kept wondering why we weren't re-married/dating/seeing someone and my thoughts were, for me anyway, were that "I couldn't/wouldn't do that to anyone else..." heheh and so far I've been able to maintain that scenario.

While Robin had other meetings/dinners/events going on, do you see a full schedule here, I declined as i was getting a little burned out on "doing stuff", so we said our goodbyes and I returned to the campsite.

Keep in mind, that in order for me to travel around for local stuff, I either take the camper with me or off load it and just take the truck.  While it sounds easy, for a single  person, trying to back it up and align it to put back on, takes a little longer.  Not to mention I need to unpack the storage boxes etc..
No cell phone, limited DISH but did have wifi... so all was not lost.

Phone, sigh...  Verizon website is a PITA.

My old phone, Verizon Galaxy III,  then switched to consumer Cell, was dying.  Tried a new battery, but still had to take phone apart sometimes, more frequently as time goes on, to reset.  Time for a new one.

Verizon just announced a new plan, XXL-24-gig unlimited cell/text neither of which I do a lot of except on "Hold" for tech support or medical or Verizon in this case or ???.  I could ADD a new phone for about the same cost as my current Consumer Cell.  I went to Verizon web account, made address ship/billing changes and upgraded to the XXL plan and ordered new phone, Galaxy 7-edge.  Website had updated profile with new address, Madison, SD, but when ordering shipped to old one, Kent, WA.. Ooops... spent apx 5-hrs being transferred around, trying to correct, finally got someone to "Cancel' the order and instructed to reorder to new shipping.  I did.  Then got UPS tracking for a phone delivery to Kent, wA.  Can't change/canx at Verizon and UPS won't let you change except to neighbors, comment or return options.

Kept getting updates, checked on the 2nd phone I ordered, no confirmation of order, not showing in my acct so figured to hell with it, i'll just go into Verizon and get it there.  Had to pick up a mail drop with RX from VA and inside was the new phone... sigh... No notice of it coming/shipping on the 2nd one.  Luckily , I  picked up mail first as i would have gotten a new one at the store...

So, now with new phone in hand, data transferred as much as possible, phone number, same, ported over to the new one, I'm out in the Boonies, Divide Bridge, MT wih no cell service.. heheh, Gawd, go figure eh?  Once back in range I should be back up and running and just need to download the apps needed on the new phone.

What should have been a simple, order new phone, receive new phone, use new phone, turned out to be PITA... hopefully good for another 7 yrs...
Rant done..

... and back to the important things in life..

Off to Gawd knows where now.  There was some talk about a 100-mile RZR rally over in Columbus, MT, but not confirmed if anyone is going so standing by at Divide Bridge, just south of Bozeman, MT.  If a no-go, then probably to St Anthony's Sand Dunes heading towards Colorado for the Taylor Park Rally next month.

I'll be by-passing Yellowstone/Teton due to the Summer BKT's... will catch it in the fall, when the leaves turn, Robin mentioned might meet there in mid Sept.  Might work, have to be around Bend, OR for a first VA-PCP meetup... and will plan from there..

So, standing by in Divide Bridge, MT... 

not to bad, no room with a view, full when I arrived, now fairly empty.  More of a fishing camp on the river right next to it... only several spot along the river and only about 2 with a view.
Carry on....

Missoula, MT Gallery Trip
Divided Bridge, MT post Missoula

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