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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mackay, ID to Missoula, MT

Routing along the Salmon River, very nice drive.

Leaving Mackay, did a "Dump N Fill" right in town, very nice, no lines, fueled up and headed 7 miles up the road, HWY 93 to the Joe T Fallini Park BML, for two nights right on the lake/reservoir.

I lucked out and got a spot right one the water front.  Nice.  Didn't need power (remember solar panels/batteries) and just filled up with water, so $5 night with the  "OGP" (Golden Ager's Pass, aka 'Old Geezer's Pass').

Did the wind blow. heheheh and the cloud cover.

Snow level dropped to cap the mountains..  Wind was so bad the site across from me with a tent and pop-up trailer had to leave.. (Luckily, they lived about 40 min away, so it wasn't too bad.  Tent was leveled due to wind, but was anchored down.  I helped when packed it down.  Thank Gawd those days are gone for me.

Sunset looked like the world was on fire..

Headed out 2 days later toward Missoula, MT to Charles Waters NFS just south of Florence, MT.

Wanted to make sure I had sun and DISH access so pick an non-appealing site which was fine.

On to see Robin for an early dinner that day.  Some confusion on meeting times, but eventually met at Walmart so I could pick up Rx.   Scheduling Rx can be a little tricky at time as there's either no Pharmacy, Rite Aid, in the area and or trying to get them scheduled  from the VA to the Mail Drop in SD to me without running out.  Also, Transferring from one Pharmacy to another and seeing the costs differ widely...   up to 33% more.

Full timing does bring up some challenges and most are simple things that in  "Brick N Mortar" homes would be non-events.  Things like Medical, Rx, Trash, Water, Dump N Fills, trash and water.. heheh.  Did I mention "Trash N Water"... seems simple, but just where do you dump it or get water.  Not quite as simple a one would think.  NFS sites tell you to "Pack it in, Pack it out" meaning no place to dump trash.  So you carry it around until you find one.  Dump N Fill stations may only have the "Dump" part  (no trash either) and no fresh drinkable water.  Laundry being another one...  so lessons learned eh?

The next day, we met up

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